photo of nigerian graduate that wears suit while hawking

  photo of Nigerian hawker that wears suit while selling goods
Adeleke Abiodun, the kwara State Polytechnic
student who took the pictures, wrote: “This
guy dresses cool and cute. He sells snacks. He
inspires us with his dressing and mode of
speaking fluent English.
We both school at Kwara State Polytechnic,
Ilorin. He’s an HND 2 student, but I dont know
his name. I saw him in school today again
and I felt like oh this guy killed it again!!!.”

Double dating in relationships

 double dating relationships
Double dating is not a sign that you are
handsome, beautiful, gifted or great, its a
sign of irresponsibility!
A responsible person is faithful to someone
he/she loves for the rest of his/her life!
Don’t be carried away by that sugar coated
mouth! It is not all that glitter that’s gold!
Has God given you someone? Is he/she a
child of God? Does he/she fear God? Start
building your relationship!
Anyone who is madly in love with two
people at the same time is never in love!
He/she just is in infatuation! In fact he/she
needs a deliverance! The test of true love is
True Love is focused on only one person.
An infatuated individual may be “in love”
with two or more persons simultaneously!
If you don’t know the difference between
LOVE AND INFATUATION, you will destroy
others’ lives and your own! That’s why
psychiatric hospital is full with people
whose hearts are broken! Some have
committed suicide, some never believe in
love again and some have made up their
mind never to trust anyone again or get
married! This is serious ! Stop toying with
people’ emotion!
Don’t double date no matter the pressure!
That’s, don’t be involved in two relationship
at the same time. Many singles have
missed their miracles because of this act of
unfaithfulness! Double dating lowers your
integrity and lays a wrong foundation for
your marriage. Avoid it!
Dezmondmfon Efretuei

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