If your partner calls you on phone like four times a week and later began to call you once in two weeks. Cheating is involved.
If your partner keeps your sms sent to his/her inbox but now she/he does not keep any again. Cheating has loaded.
We value pet names when it comes to relationship of the opposite sex. He/she calls you by your pet names whenever you guys talks on phone or together but all of a sudden he/she does not maintain the pet name callings nor the romantic voice applied while having a voice chat,giving unwarranted excuses on when and how to call him/her. It shows cheating in progress.
You visits your partner fluently without any atom of notification and you are always welcomed warmly but suddenly he/she begins to place embargo on you on when to visit and when not to visit. Cheating is the House.
He/she gets pissed at you whenever there is little misunderstanding and whenever you says,I AM NOT IN THE MOOD,it simply means your love has being swallowed by someone else. Cheating has takenover.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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