Is it wrong for christains to use electronic bible ?

Is it wrong for a Preacher(Priestor Pastor) to read the Bible while preaching from His or Her Digital
Bible saved in his or Her IPad instead of the Manual
If You think It is wrong, why?
My response:
I guess I know why I approved this post. It is sad that Christians resist technology. Let me refresh your memory:
1. In the early days, the bible was originally written in Latin. The first man who transcribed it into ENGLISH language was burnt alive. His offense: He had changed the FORMAT of the word of God.
2. The early manuscripts were written in scrolls. An entire village would have to share one into different books of the bible in order to read it. Early inventions of the printing press moved the bible from scrolls to paper version as we have it today.
3. When TBN acquired Satellites for the gospel, the church of the 1970s accused them of WITCHCRAFT…..
4. The father of the Wright brothers, Rev. Wright, had declared in his sermon (He was a preacher) that it was (in my own words) an attempt to tempt God for people to think that man could invent a machine that can fly like a bird. His sons broke the taboo.
5. In the 80s, we faced a situation where TV were called Devils boxes and today, all pastors preach on TVs.
6. As a younger engineer, I installed internet access in a great church in Nigeria, as I came out of the church office, the assistant General Overseer accused me of bringing “this witchcraft” into the church.
7. In 1985, the current senate president, David Mark, then the Minister of Communication, declared how impossible it was for Nigerians to own a telephone. It was normal to queue at NITEL in those days before you could make a call to some select few in this country. Today, David Mark and most students own a mobile phone.
8. In the days of MEGA computers, Microsoft and Bill gates came up with the idea that we could have PERSONAL computers. They all laughed at him. Today, 9 in 10 computers in the world are PC.
9. So back to the Bible, why would it be an issue if the Bible you read in electronic format, audio format, paper format, or scroll format? I once had to preach a sermon where I needed three different versions of the Bible, and I carried three big books to the pulpit….Why? Oh how I wished I had an ipad. Well, I will be content.
10. Therefore, my advice, for the blind and visually impared people, please get an audio bible. For the conservatives, get a paper bible. For the new generation folks like me, get an ipad. Whatever means you have, get it, just make sure its the WORD OF GOD and you want to read it.
Using an IPad, is not a competition or a fashion statement. It does not indicate spirituality or carnality. It is simply another format to get the Bible out for the world to read.
Now, having said all this, the basic question is this, have you read your bible (in whatever format it is) today?

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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