Who is to be blamed for the moral decadence of the youth in the society today, the parents??? Part 1.

large chunk of irresponsible parents we have today are clearly responsible for the moral decadence that are common with the children and teenagers allover the world. Every parents you meet talks about the good old days when children were brought up with sound moral and ethical sanctity. Why is it that parents who are privileged to have received such quality upbringing in times past are the ones bringing up useless, irresponsible, and morally decadent children with little or no regard to societal norms and values? There is something seriously wrong and parents should take the blame for these shameful and troubling failures.
It is an irony! The truth is that parents have abdicated their primary responsibility of building up their homes and families in pursuit of wealth, riches, material things, career, pleasure and fun. And has developed all manner of excuses to justify their negligence of this noble duty. All to the detriment of the children who are now growing into monsters and deviant social misfit. What an awful experience!
Any parent you confront to know why her children are mainly wayward and manner less, will quickly lay the blame on peer pressure, societal influence, wrong influence from media, television, film, video, internet pornography, and on and on. But such arguments are purely lame excuses. It does not hold water at all. It is a common knowledge that when you bring up a child well in the way he should go, when he grows up, he will not depart from it. But unfortunately, today’s parents are not showing their children any way at all, so, the children cannot, but go their own way, and it is always and surely the wrong way. A ship without a navigator will hit the rock sooner or later.
Parents nowadays do not spend time with their children at all. In the name of career, as early as six o’clock in the morning, both parents had left the home and abandon their children to the care of nannies, house helps and servants. They had left to make money, pursue contracts and career. At other times, they are out on a business trip that will take them months round the globe. And who is there to bring up and teach the children the good way of life? Nobody! Do you then wonder why children are so spoilt to the shame and embarrassment of every one of us?
If a child had not been told about what is wrong, how can he know what is right? Had all the children in the juveniles and young adults in the prisons learnt the values of morality and good character from their parents, we should have been saved from so much trouble. Had most of the teeming teenagers infected with HIV/AIDS today had been instructed about sexual morality by their parents, they would have been saved from the needless pains and deaths afflicting them today, saved from those scourge- the scourge of abortions, unwanted pregrancy, and the scourge of other countless deadly diseases ravaging the youth of today. Our parents had failed us.
Parents should stop blaming the media, and evolve new ways to show their children the right way in life. When a child is fed with the truth he will set himself free from every societal traps and encumbrances. True, parents cannot do anything about lewd fashion or internet pornography. No legislation can stop access to them, but when your child had been shown the right way, he will recognize evil and keep away from them. But where are our parents? They are out, because the business trip to Geneva must be made. The contract in Alaska must not be delayed, the night party in that club must be attended. By the time the trips are concluded, the children had grown up useless and irresponsible adults.
Our parents of today do not lead by example. Unfortunately, they are poor role models. Many, sadly, are grossly irresponsible. So what kind of value do you expect them to pass on to the children? It is common these days to see parents having sex with their children and are feeling good about it. Fathers sleeping with their daughters, mothers sleeping and dating other men in adultery. And as the children watch all these, they are sure to replicate them in their own lives; they will do even worse things. So what future are we building in the live of our children? Yet in all these things, all you hear is parents blaming the government for not doing enough to control the behaviors of the children and teenagers. They blame teachers, and the church for the moral laxity of their children and wards. What a weak alibi! No body can rescue your own home but you. In the same way, look at the low level most parents have reduced the institution of marriage? With unwed mothers, careless divorces, separations, and violence in the home, what do you expect from future parents? A society that has legitimized same sex marriage, and all manners of abominations. May be tomorrow it will be morally acceptable for mothers to divorce their husbands and get married to their sons. Parents are debasing the future.
Most parents wake up, go to church and leave their children at home. They do not even see the need to encourage their children to go to church at all, Why? From where, and from whom will they learn godliness? Many parents give up too soon on their children. They are too quick to throw up their hands in hopelessness. Can you believe that in our today world, most parents find it easier to give condoms to their children to go and have sex, rather than preaching abstinence to them as a first rule? They believe there is no need to even try or attempt any corrective measure. But we all know that you cannot put a live coal in the hands of a child and ask him to handle it with care. It is not possible.
Actually parents need to be ashamed of the poor roles they had played in the life of children and teenagers of today and must accept responsibilities for such failure, and start to make amends as a matter of urgency to salvage whatever is left. They cannot escape culpability. If we must return to the good old days of godly morality in our families and sound values, if such ideal will not remain a wishful thinking, parents must sit up and return to their natural role of building up their nation by building up and raising quality children.
It was Socrates that brought up the foolishness of those who spend all their time pursuing worldly riches and neglect the children to whom they are going to bequeath those riches eventually. You see, such a one is erecting a building that is sure to collapse. But is it possible that parents will ever learn? If you don’t learn you will leave to face the shame, dishonor, and misery of bringing up useless children- children who will be wasters, drug addict, cocaine pushers, and worthless characters.
To buttress this point, just take a look at the manner some so-called rich parents bring up their children. It will be obvious to all that they are packaging them for failure and waiting disasters. Many rich folks ensure their children will never “suffer” or face “hardship” for any reason. So they are spoon-fed, given money beyond what they need, have them excused when they should be made to learn the dignity of labor.
From the above arguments, it is obvious that parents command a lion share of blame on the moral decadence in our society today. The first duty of parents must be that owed to the children, so business and career must not come first, no matter the pressure of bills to pay. Parents must never abandon their children anymore to the care of domestic servants who themselves need training. It will not work.


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Author: TheGoldendiamond

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