22 Very Important Google Search Tricks

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To most people, Google is nothing more than
a regular search engine where you type in
keywords and questions and a couple of
relevant links containing answers are
displayed. But to many others who are in the
know, Google is much more than that. It has
become a multipurpose tool that you can
utilize for performing a couple of day-to-day
Google has really changed the way we see and
use the internet in so short a time and it’s
poised to even do more. Today, Google has
added some cool features to its search engine
platform which many people still do not know
about. Below is a compilation of some of the
coolest ways the big G is many life easier.
With Google you will be able to:
1. Check today’s date
Format: What is today
2. Know the current time in your locality and
Format: City time
Examples: Enugu time, Tokyo time
3. Know when it is sunrise and sunset
anywhere in the world
Formats: Sunrise time city, Sunset time city
Examples: Sunrise time Cape Town, Sunset
time London
4. Get to know the English Premier League
(and other competitions’) fixtures, results,
table and latest scores
Formats: EPL fixtures, EPL results, EPL table,
UEFA Champions League fixtures, La Liga
table, e.t.c.
5. Run scientific calculations
Formats: Google calculator, or manually e.g
546 x 664, 78 + 54, 2^2, 6 cos 7
6. Get the definitions, synonyms, antonyms
and etymologies of words
Formats: Define word, Word definition, Word
synonym, Word antonym, Etymology of word,
Examples: Define xenoglossy, Etymology of
7. Convert measurements online
Examples: 458 feet to yards, 65 centimeters to
miles, 34 kilograms to pounds
8. Convert currencies online
Examples: 1 dollar to naira, 1 yen to yuan, 1
pound to euro
9. Set a timer
Examples: Set timer for 10 minutes, Set timer
for 1 hour

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  1. Discover the distance between cities and
    Format: Distance between CityA and CityB
    Example: Distance between Onitsha and Lagos
  2. Know the weather conditions
    Format: Temperature of City
    Examples: Temperature of Jos, Temperature of
  3. Know popular books, movies and works by
    famous authors, movie makers, actors, artists
    Formats: Books by Author, Movies by Director,
    Works by Artist, etc
    Examples: Books by Achebe, Movies by
    Spielberg, Works by Michelangelo
  4. Know a movie’s casts
    Format: Cast of Movie
    Examples: Casts of Guardians of the Galaxy,
    Casts of Hercules, Casts of Half of A Yellow
  5. Translate words
    Example: Translate book to Igbo

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  1. Check a flight status
    Example: Virgin Atlantic 201
  2. Get local cinema listings
    Formats: Movies for City, Movies for Area
    Examples: Movies for Miami, Movies for 786
  3. Extract data online
    Examples: Unemployment rate of Britain, GDP
    growth rate of Nigeria
  4. Track your package online
    Examples: 1D4678767292920862,
  5. Play a game online
    Example: Play Pacman on Google
  6. Get stock quotes
    Format: Stock quote Company
    Examples: Stock quote Apple, Stock quote
    Berkshire Hathaway, Stock quote Microsoft,
    Stock quote Google
  7. Discover your IP address
    Example: IP address
  8. Highlight and ignore words
    Examples: [Highlight word] GDP “statistics” in
    Nigeria (This will not display any webpage
    that does not have the term ‘statistics’ in it),
    [Ignore word] Education in developing
    countries -Nigeria (This will remove all
    webpages with the term ‘Nigeria’ when
    displaying the results)
    Note: Most of these tricks only work on high-
    end smartphones, tablets and personal

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