13 Advantages Of Virginity –

God’spower nwachukwu E.

It’s a mixture of medical and social advantages.
1 STIs: there is no way a virgin an be infected with STIs·
2 HIV-AIDS: There is no way a virgin can have AIDS or HIV infection, which is transmitted by intimate interactions. She may still be at risk with the blood infection through cut skin etc but this last category forms only 5% or less of HIV infections.
3 Unwanted pregnancies: There is no way a virgin can become pregnant
4 Falling in love: A virgin does not fall in love with any and all persons ho comes her way the way non-virgin do and therefore make some avoidable mistakes. To most virgins, love is not blind; it has some sense, although it may be a little vision impaired.
5 Lust: Most of the activities of non-virgins are borne out of lust which we shall define here as an exaggeration of the feeling of love to such a point that it becomes closer to hate than love. Most people have seen how those in ‘lust’ have harmed their objects of affection in the name of jealousy or anger etc. True love is calm and never violent and never wants to harm. What teenagers call ‘crush’, infatuation’ etc are just Unclad lust. And most sexually abnormal behaviors, which tend to inflict harm, are all borne out of lust and not love. Here we define anything abnormal as one that provides more harm to the biology of the individual (that is his true nature), than good.
6 Love: There is a lot of true love in virgin marriages. A woman who marries as a virgin rarely sees, or complains of problems as often as the non-virgin. Sometimes (or most times) in interpersonal relationships, it is our perception of situation that created problems which ordinary do not exist.
7 Getting married: It is difficult to find a virgin who has a problem getting married and usually at very early age which biology teaches is the optimal time for conception and establishing long and lasting relationship. For most female this must be under 25 years. A woman of the age of 27 and above is considered in medical science to be past her prime of having safe first conception.
8 Preparation for marriage: Virgins tend to be better prepared for marriage than non-virgins because of excitement. The non-virgins are worried about the future and have to make conscious effort to let their marriage work if they so wish.
9 Fun: There is lot of fun and excitement for the virgin couple on wedding night. I know a couple he spent two nights trying to break a thick hymen. The bride jokingly told the groom to please hire someone to do it for him if he cannot perform.
10 Respect from Husband: Most men tend to respect virgins throughout their marriage vows. Virgins rarely have break up marriages. I am yet to see a man who will divorce a woman whom he married as a virgin.
11 intimate deviation: It is difficult to define deviation in intimate behavior but we can say it is any form of intimate behavior that causes biological harm. But it is impossible to see a true virgin involved in any form of intimate behavior that may be considered deviant by any standard.
12 Infertility: It is difficult to find a woman who got married as virgin having problems getting pregnant. Although there may be some born with infertility problem, but the acquired ones are not found in virgins. For example STIs which cause infertility by scarring reproductive organs in both male and female are no found in virgins.
13 Beauty: The beauty of an innocent woman is indescribable. It is like new rose.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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