6 Types of Men You Should Never Marry

  1. Still adores his ex
    You probably met that type. He said that he loves you and that everything is over, but he continues to compare you with his ex-girlfriend. And he won`t marry you till he will be over her. And this can last for ages.
  2. Unready for serious relationships now
    There are many boys who date a girl, but if it goes “too far” or he decides that he is not interested in you, he just mention that he is not ready for serious relationships. Here you need to guess – if he is really not ready for a marriage or it was just an excuse to dump you.
  3. “Perfectionists”
    No, it is not about the perfect guys. It is about guys who are always wondering if you are not his perfect girlfriend. And who often wonders if a better version of you is waiting for him somewhere. This kind of men just not worth your attention.
  4. The one who still manages his career
    If they guy is older than 35 and he is still unsure about what is his dream job, or who is not currently working or doing different kinds of lose jobs all the time, it is not the one who will marry you. Nigerian men like to settle their careers before proposing, don`t forget about it.
  5. He is mature but he was never married or dating somebody
    If a guy seems to be nice, mature and says to you that he is ready for marriage… it can be a trap. Why was he single all the time? He might be hiding something from you.
  6. He believes in polygamy
    This pretty boy is stating that polygamy is essential for men In reality he just seeks some excuses fpr cheating. And do you want to live all your life with a guy who from the beginning says that he will be unfaithful? Probably not.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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