Reasons why art is better than science


et’s be serious, I’m a science student
but i have noticed that science students look down on art students. back then during my secondary school days arts students were looked upon as dropouts,they were regarded as the unnserious ones that ran into arts because they were too lazy to deal with the complexities of science subjects, well it may be partially true but assuming that all the art students are bad is just like asserting that all the eggs are bad just because one was rotten! even in science we have the unserious ones that are there because of peer influences or parental pressures even when they are not science inclined.infact art is underated in our society and thats why i wrote the piece below to create awareness[encourage art students 😀 ]

1.Life will be boring without arts: arts is the human expression of emotion,thoughts,ideas and has been existing for thousands of it’s true that in our comtemporary society art has been underated but think of how empty our life will be without any form of art,photography,dancing,singing,films,plays,no fiction writings of any form since that can easily be considered as a form of art,so you see life without art will be boring and that is why art is more beneficial to the society than science

2.goodluck to the society:art has brought lots of benefit to humanity unlike science that has brought nothing but woes and misery to mankind. Art has brought happiness and laughter which prolongs long life but what of science ?? Think of the number of people that lost their lives through weapons of war that was invented by scientists,thousands died during the first/second world war due to guns,nuclear bombs,electrocution and car crashes. So you see science has brought nothing but sorrow and misery to the relatives of the dead but with arts the reverse is the case.
[ also read scientists suggest that diabetes drugs has the
ability to prevent and cure heart failure

Suprising facts about the human body.

Bad habits that students form that hinders
them from excelling academically

do young chimpanzees suffer from post
traumatic stress after been seperated from
their parents ?

3.Communication:art subjects are more important than science subjects because they help human beings to relate with one and literature help in communication,infact before you can learn science subjects you need to use a general language like english,french which is a form of you see art is indispensable.

Written by Godspower excellence nwachukwu

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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