Other uses for baby powder

What is a baby powder? it’s a handy product to soothe diaper rash and sweat of your baby, so that your little child can feel fresh, the whole day. But, there are multiple other uses of baby powder, which you’ve not heard about before! Let’s learn the brilliant alternative uses of the baby powder.
1. Get Rid Of Ants
Sprinkle the powder in all those places of your home or office where, ants are likely to approach. Texture and scent of baby powder are repellent to ants.
2. Blow Foul Smell of Shoes
Dust your badly stinking shoes with baby powder and then, leave the shoes for the whole night. Shed the extra dust of powder, the next morning, and you are all set to go.
3. Deodorize Your Pet
Spray the baby powder on your pet, if it smells strong and you don’t have enough time to give it a quick bath. It is safe for its skin and can deodorize your pet to smell great! Isn’t it a best ‘dry shampoo’ for your pets?
4. De-Sweat Your Sheets
If you sweat while sleeping, then sprinkle some baby powder between bed sheets. It absorbs the moisture and makes your sheet sweat-free. Also, it gives cooling effect to your sheets in summers.
5. Soak Oil Stains on Clothing
Got an oil stain on your clothes, while cooking? Don’t worry! Just try the baby powder to dab the grease or oil stains. Rub the greased portion well after sprinkling baby powder and then, get the excess powder brushed off. Repeat the process, until the mark goes away completely.
6. Unsticky Rubber Gloves
Sprinkle some baby powder on your dish-washing gloves to make them un-sticky to your skin. It will make it easy for you to wear and take them off.
7. Unsticky and Cleaned Playing Cards
Place the playing card in a plastic bag with some baby-powder. Zip the bag and finally, give a few fine shakes to the bag. On unzipping the bag, you will get the fresh and smooth to touch cards.
8. Ease Waxing Pain
Before applying the wax cream or shaving your arms with razor, sprinkle some baby powder. This will reduce the friction and help you to alleviate the waxing pain.
9. Do Away with Book Moulds
Treat your mildewed or mouldy books with baby powder. Give thorough air-dry to mouldy books. After this, sprinkle the powder between the pages and then, leave them in an upright position for few hours. Afterwards, brush off the excess baby powder, gently. This will make your worn out books fresh.
10. To Give Fuller Look to Eyelashes
Before applying mascara, dust small amount of the baby powder onto your eyelashes. This will make your eyelashes look fuller.
Don’t let old baby powder rest in your store room and go waste. Put it up to multiple uses in your house.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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