Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason

I was arrested that night for no
crime, the police men beat me
up and took me to prison yard
and locked me up. I was
speechless, and was very
angry. I slept in the prison for
some days after which I was
released. So when I went back
to my compound, behold!
Something terrible had
happened. I was told that the
night in which I was arrested,
something inhuman happened.
Arm robbers came to our
compound, they robbed
everybody in the compound,
not only robbing them, but they
killed them all, I was shocked
and very sad. I now realised
that, God allowed the police men
to arrest me, just to skip me out
of the massive death that
occurred in my compound. It
was terrible, had it been, the
police men didn’t arrest me, I
will be involved in the incident
that happened. I give Glory to
God. Note: God allowed some
certain things to happened to
you, so that he will draw you
closer to himself or to glorify
himself. The night that I was
arrested, I never knew that arm
robbers will visit our
compound, even to the extent of
killing everybody. In any
situation you found your self,
always give thanks to God. I
pray that whenever the devil is
testy of blood, you and your
family members will be skipped
out in jesus name.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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