More precious than diamonds

More precious than diamonds…

The young lady arrived at his home
wearing clothes that were quite
revealing her private parts. Here is
the story as told
by one of his daughters:
We exchanged many hugs and kisses
we could possibly give in one day.
My father took a good look at us.
Then he sat me down on his lap
and said something that I will never
forget. He looked me straight in the
eyes and said, “Hana, everything
that God made valuable in the world
is covered and hard to get to. Where
do you find diamonds? Deep down
in the ground, covered and
protected. Where do you find
pearls? Deep down at the bottom of
the ocean, covered up and protected
in a beautiful shell. Where do you
find gold? Way down in the mine,
covered over with layers and layers
of rock. You’ve got to work hard to
get to them.”
He looked at me with serious eyes.
“Your body is sacred. You’re far
more precious than diamonds and
pearls, and you should be covered
So I add that, if you keep your
treasured mineral deeply covered
up, reputable mining organizations
with the requisite machinery will fly
down and conduct years of extensive
exploration. Contact your
government, sign professional
contracts and mine you
professionally.And if you leave your
precious minerals uncovered on the
surface of the earth, you attract a
lot of illegal miners. Everybody picks
up their crude instruments and
think they can dig you. That is
Women, don’t open yourself for
Galamsey. Keep it deeply covered
and invite professional miners.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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