how to Stop cheating on your marriage partner

How to Stop cheating on your marriage partner

Cheating does not start with sex. It does not start in the bedroom. But it does start without multiple decisions that YOU CAN CONTROL.
The path to cheating begins when you lie to cover things up, delete messages you don’t want seen and begin to sneak around. This is not the life of a faithful partner.
Thankfully the road to cheating has multiple exits. Take one before it’s to late. Choose to not let everyone have your number. Choose not to reply to inappropriate messages. Make the decision to never complain about your partner to others. Don’t spend time alone with individuals of the opposite sex, unless your partner is welcome. Don’t lie to yourself by justifying inappropriate behavior. Show you respect your partner and others will do the same, don’t give them the idea that an affair is even an option.
Review your own actions each and every day; are you protecting your relationship or are you on the road to destroying it?

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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