Ten reasons why you should avoid saying i love you too soon in a relationship

Ten reasons why you should avoid saying i love you too soon in a relationship

  1. It Kills The Excitement:
    The best parts of a relationship are the early beginnings where there is a certain amount of uncertainty in the minds of both partners. Going weak on your knees just looking at her, getting goose pimples every time she touches you, spending nights talking to each other over the phone – all this, once lost may never come back. By saying ‘I Love You’, you put a full stop to this
  2. Your Obsession Is On Display:
    It makes you look like a possessive, obsessive, desperate fool who wants nothing but a girlfriend in life. If you plan to spend your future with her, she has to be impressed by your personality! Don’t make yourself look like an insecure guy greedy for love.
  3. You Fail To See The Reality:
    There’s a difference between infatuation and love – and it is only time that can make it clear. By confessing your so-called love for her, you force your mind to believe that you actually love her. Your feelings may die down with a few more dates, but you would be forcing yourself too hard to believe that she is really the one. Not just that, it puts immense pressure on the girl too!.
  4. It Could Lead To A Heartbreak:
    Like men, a lot of women too are scared of commitment. While you may be all set to take the dive without even thinking about it thoroughly, it might put the girl in a state of confusion. And you know how it ends when a woman isn’t sure of her own feelings. You may end up losing what could have been yours, had you had some little patience.
  5. You’ll Be Judged
    Even if you mean it, wait for the perfect time to say it. It’s not hard for men to fall in love in just a few days. But my people, most women are judging every move of yours oh.. She may see you as immature if you say ‘I Love You’ too soon. This ruins your chances totally. I know you don’t want that.
  6. What You See May Not Be Real:
    To love people, you have known them very closely, if not inside out. Chances are, you were trying really hard at being courteous and so was she. That might not be the real her. You must spend enough time with your date in order to know them personally, beyond their job descriptions, favorite food and drinks.
  7. It May Result to A Disastrous Relationship:
    Saying ‘I Love You’ could also make the girl believe that she loves you too. And once the words are exchanged, there’s no damage control possible. A half cooked relationship where the partners are clueless about how they really feel and yet, commit to each other for life is the worst set up ever. Believe me, It will only end in bitterness.
  8. It May Draw You Two Apart
    Once both of you feel awkward around each other, there is only little you can do to make up for it with your girl. Even though she may go on to love you in the near future, rushing into commitment may just ruin your chances. She might get bored by your ‘love’ and decide to move away.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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