Signs she is a wife material

Signs she is a wife material
She Shares Your Values – I cannot express how critical this is. A bride must share your value system on the points that matter – spirituality, children, sex, family, and even divorce. If she’s not on board with your core, you might want to get back in the market for someone who is.
*.She Respects You -Men have an innate desire to be honored and respected. This is not about submission, rather admiration, adoration, and encouragement. If you find a woman who has a head of respect (She thinks honorably about you), a heart of respect (She desires to follow you) a mouth of respect (she speaks highly of you), and hands of respect (out of love, she helps you) then you my friend, have a keeper.
*.She Supports You – A woman worth marrying is an incredible helper. Not out of gender role but out of love. She desires to serve, assist, and support you through the obstacles you meet together. It’s not about laundry. It’s not about dishes. It’s about a heart that pours out a nurturing love of companionship. Like the saying goes, “behind every good man, is a great woman.”
*.She Captivates You – Let’s throw culture’s definition of beauty to the wayside for a moment. Men are predominantly physical, visual beings. Science, scripture, history, studies, they all back this truth. Luckily, a man’s desires come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and smells. It comes in noses, feet, butts, necks, hands, eyes, and everywhere else imaginable
:)But the key is captivation. Not lust. Can you look at this woman outside of time (because she will change), and say to yourself, “I can wake up every day of my life and believe she is beautiful.”

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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