the best ways to accept a compliment without feeling awkward

the best ways to accept a compliment without feeling awkward
#1 Say “thank you!”
This is the number one step when it comes to accepting a compliment. A simple “thank you” is often all it takes! Expressing thanks will never cause others to make presumptions about the size of your ego, and you can only ever come across as gracious and courteous! Add a smile, eye contact and confident body language to show your complimenter that your gratitude is genuine and true.
#2 Give credit where credit is due.
When accepting a compliment, always be sure to acknowledge when it was a group effort and give credit where it’s due. Share the compliment with any others who were involved in the successful endeavour. What’s more, if the complimenter had a hand in your achievements, be sure to let them know!
#3 Show some extra appreciation.
Follow up your expression of gratitude with some extra appreciation for the person who gave you the compliment. For example, “Thank you… You’re so kind for saying so” or “Thank you… It makes me feel great that you noticed. I have been trying so hard on that!” The complimenter will truly feel like they hit the right spot! [Read: 25 awesome compliments that guys will never forget!]
#4 Turn the compliment into a conversation.
If you fear you might be left in awkward silence after accepting the compliment with thanks, why not turn the compliment into a conversation? If the person commented on your new shoes, they might like to know where you got them from and the bargain price you nabbed them for? Perhaps, there were other shoes in the shop that caught your eye? [Read: Never have awkward small talk again!]
#5 Return the favor… later.
Returning the compliment immediately after receiving one may come across as disingenuous and false. You don’t want to be seen as paying a compliment for the sake of paying a compliment! However, do make a mental note to repay the kindness by delivering a sincere compliment the next time you notice something you genuinely like about that person.

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