Why you should forget about getting married as a man

Why you should forget about getting married as a man..
1. We’re too different to live together: women love people and relationships, men love objects (like cars, houses, gadgets, game consoles etc), a man’s lot is his career, a woman’s is marriage (according to the curse after the fall of man), women are indirect, men are always direct, men want sex before they develop feelings for women, women can’t have sex without emotional attachment first(unless they are who.res, even if they are whores ), a man wants to hv sex, a woman wants to make love (I swear she doesn’t even mind just cuddling), men see having dinner as a time to quench hunger, women see having dinner as time for bonding, let me continue? A married man without money feels unfulfilled, a wealthy woman without a man feels similarly, my point, you need a lot of patience, tolerance, understanding, endurance, compromise etc to survive in marriage. But life is too short, stay single and be free to be yourself or get married and spend the rest of your life struggling to be another person.

  1. Love doesn’t exist: if you intend to stake your future with a woman on an emotion as erratic as love, then you need to have your head examined. Love is an emotional convulsion which, like other sicknesses, are recovered from with time. Experience has thought me that a woman’s love is only skin deep, but you can accentuate it with money. Ohhhh how women react to the smell of cash. Bleep love and go make some money.
  2. You don’t need a child: the world will remember you by the kids you left behind. That’s a big fat lie!! You don’t need a carbon copy of yourself roaming the earth after your demise to ensure your immortality. Instead, the world will remember you by the feats you surmounted! Obama will be remembered not as the father of, I don’t even know his child’s name and I don’t care But as the first black US President. Mother Theresa never had a child, Einstein’s legacy is not his kids but his discoveries. My point! You are not remembered by the kids you had but the records you set. But if you badly want a kid, adopt one, never get married just to have kids. marriage is too great a price to pay.

  3. There is absolutely nothing new marriage has to offer you: just be honest with yourself. A family? You already belong to one (or do you think you just appeared out of thin air?), love? Your mother loves you trust me, A woman to manage your home? Get a maid! pay her well and she will manage your home without complications like disrespecting you, PMS, etc.

  4. Marriage is expensive: a woman’s problems end when she gets married (at least on financial level), while a man’s problems just begin. Most ladies don’t have plans of making money(some stop after getting married). for a woman, after graduating from university,getting a husband becomes a priority above getting a job i.e if a job is on the list. Guys, stay alone and worry for one. Apart from financially, marriage drains you emotionally. You have to deal with a partner suffering from PMS five days in a month for life (by the time she reaches menopause, you’d be probably dead) and when she ain’t suffering PMS, its worse because she is pregnant!! Don’t forget regular mood swings, test games, among other complicated female emotional ailments. Plus wait till you get divorced before you know how much financially and emotionally expensive marriage could be.

  5. It may end up in divorce: possible causes of divorce. She gains weight, sex with one person for years gone stale and boring, the love (or whatever dumb Bottom name you call it) fades, you want a new woman, (men are polygamous by nature, hard truth. Deal with it), she is no longer the woman you married, (true, women do change after marriage for many reasons, that is story for another day), you cheat on her, she cheats on you, many many more. Don’t scar yourself with a painful divorce. Stay single and happy.

  6. You get to focus on your dreams without distractions. Like I said earlier, a man’s career is his lot (or curse). As a man if you haven’t got a successful career, you will probably die unhappy and unproductive. The compromise you have to make to keep her happy will slowpoke you from achieving your dreams to the fullest. Pleasing a woman and pursuing your dreams are mutually exclusive. don’t get married.

disclaimer: its ironic when people say honesty is a virtue yet can’t bear to hear (please before you start criticizing think about all the points carefully}

this post is not for gays,it wasn’t written to support your dirty arts,
this post is just for fun ,as for me i will get married once i come of age,thanks.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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