Signs that he is interested in marrying you in the end part.1

Signs that he is interested in marrying you in the end part.1
1. “We.”Does he use the word “we” whenever he’s referring to the both of you as a couple? It’s more than just a simple pronoun, it’s usage and context can give you clues about how involved he is with you. Many married couples also use “we” whenever they’re talking about themselves because each decision they make is a joint decision.
For instance, when a friend asks about his vacation plans, his response may be, “We’re thinking of going backpacking through Europe this summer.” His friend would already know who “we” refers to. Statements like this show that whenever he has plans, you’re included, too.
2. He believes in marriage.There are some people who have lost faith in the sanctity of marriage thanks to the rising divorce rates. But not your guy. He maintains the belief that marriage is something worth fighting for.
Even if people are leaving their spouses, cheating and getting separations, he wants to give it a shot. And he thinks that you and he won’t be just another statistic in a divorce chart.
3. He doesn’t gag when he sees people posting about weddings.Social media is rife with people who constantly post about weddings. Some have countdowns leading up to the big day. Others post pictures of their wedding day months after the actual event.
Your guy may not be a huge fan of this, and he may think that daily posts about some person’s wedding are a bit much. But he may say that ‘when’ not if! he gets married, he won’t be as obsessive about it on social media as a ton of other people.
4. He’s super comfortable around you.Having your guy hang out in his boxers and socks isn’t the most romantic thing. But your guy has already dropped the romance act and has opted be more relaxed and at ease when he’s around you.
That doesn’t mean he’s “letting himself go.” It just means that whenever he’s around you, he feels like he’s home and there’s no need to put on a mask. And it’s not just about the way he presents himself, he’s also able to show you a side of himself that very few people are able to see.
1. You’re part of his future plans.Lots of couples talk about the future. But not all couples involve each other in their future plans. Most men would probably list down what car they’d want to be driving, how much money they’d want to make or how many places he’d like to have visited by then. When he gets asked about what he sees himself doing in ten years, your name pops up.
He might say that he’d like to be a top executive by then. He’d be driving his sports car to and from work. And when he gets home, he’ll be greeted by his kids, and their gorgeous mother, a.k.a. you! Aside from that being the sweetest thing he might say, it’s also a clue that tells you that it’s you he wants to spend his life with.
2. You talk about the kids you’ll be having.Maybe you’ll have a mock fight about how many kids you want to have and what you’ll be naming them. You’ll talk about how you’ll be raising them and where they’ll be attending school. You might even go far enough as to talk about where you want your kids to attend college!
Talking about kids is a big deal for most men. Not all of them are looking forward to revamping their home entertainment room for a playroom for the kids. But if your guy is very open about it and he actually takes in your input regarding kids, then that’s good news! 8. He shares almost everything with you.Whatever he’s thinking, whatever’s bothering him, you’d be the first person to know. You’re always a major factor in his decision making process, and your input bears a lot of weight. But other than this, he may be sharing other more tangible things with you.
For instance, you might already have a joint bank account where both of you plan your finances. You might already be sharing a home or at least considering it as a possibility in the near future. Marriage has a lot to do about sharing, and when your guy already shows the initiative that he wants to share with you, then marriage may not be that far behind.
9. He asks about wedding and engagement-related stuff.This is pretty much a no-brainer. He’s starting to ask you things like where your dream wedding is, who you’d like to invite and what you want to dance to on your wedding day.
If you’re completely dense, you might think he’s just asking you to tell him about the wedding of your dreams. But when he starts snooping around your jewelry box to find out what size ring you’re wearing, it’s pretty much a certainty!
5. He’s being giddy and excited about something.He may suddenly be saving up for something, but you’re not sure what it is. And for some reason, he’s trying his best not to let you know. Before you start to think that he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing, he’s suddenly really caring and sensitive towards you. He’s being remarkably sweet, while still trying his best not to show his excitement about something. You probably know where this is going… He might be about to propose!
It’s not easy to know if your guy wants to get married to you, or sees you as his partner for life, without really asking him about it. But if you see quite a few of these signs, you can rest assured that he already sees you as his soulmate!

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