The stupid Chinese man who spent his two years salary to buy 99 iphones that he will use to Propose To His Girlfriend

A love-affected man in the in China decided to make a proposal to his sweetheart in the middle of a heart constructed out of 99 brand new iPhones that he purchased for the special event and called a few friends to witness the occasion.
The young programmer spent over N13m to buy 99 iPhone 6s, the equivalent of a two-year annual salary in the country. In his plan to make the proposal extraordinary, he arranged the costly iPhones into a heart form and carried a bouquet of flowers as he made a proposal to his girlfriend.
The girlfriend must have been listening the music of Jennifer Lopez, because she did a “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing” move by rejecting the proposal in front of his friends and colleagues.
So sad, the grand proposal turned into one expensive rejection.
I don’t know whether to be sorry for the guy but this is absolutely ridiculous,why the hell will someone spend an equivalent of his two year salary to buy 99 iphones just to propose to a girl,well i wont blame the guy because people do foolish things for love,i wish the girl accepted the proposal atleast to save the guy the embarrassment but obviously she was trying to prove that she is not the type that can be bought over with girls like this still exist?? I’m sure if it was a nigerian girl one iphone would have been enough to make her accept the proposal. Lol

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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