If you don’t want your marriage to end in divorce please read and practise this tips

It’s sad to see so many marriages this days ending in divorce especially celebrity marriages.divorce is not caused by lack of love but lack of friendship,lack of tolerance and lack of communication.so if you don’t want your marriage to end in divorce read and practice this tips below
1. Do things together.
If you have small kids, you may not be able to do many things alone together, but make an effort to spend some quality time with each other. A movie at home while the kids are in bed is a great and cheap way to spend time alone. Once the kids are grown and out of the house you can do more together. Traveling is an excellent way to experience new things with each other. Consider going someplace you’ve wanted to travel to without the kids.
2. Keep talking to each other.
Don’t neglect conversations with each other. They don’t have to be serious, just keep talking. Don’t allow your conversations to dwindle down to hello, goodbye and did you pay that bill? Joke with each other, laugh with each other enjoy each other.
3. Stay focused.
Don’t allow distractions of work, extended family and friends get in the way of your marriage. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s good to have outside hobbies and activities, but don’t allow them to consume you to the point where you aren’t spending enough time with your spouse.
It takes a united effort to stay together and make the marriage work. If you find that you are not spending enough time together, get it straight before it’s too late. Don’t allow your marriage to turn into a relationship of convenience. Even worse, don’t let a good marriage end because you neglected to nurture it.

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