Suprising but true Relationship facts about men that you have never heard of

1.Never change your looks thinking that will keep a man
from cheating or desire you more.
2.Men hate it when you go through his personal
belongings checking for paystubs,bank statements,phone
numbers,or cell records.
3.Men do not like it when women use sex as a weapon.
4.Food and sex is not the real way to a man’s heart.
5.Never ask a man if he is cheating,because he most likely
is not going to give you the real answer.
6.Some men pretend to hate and despise a particular
woman,but actually he really likes her.He may even call
her a bad name to make you think he do not want her.
7.Men fall in love faster than women.
8.Men have a difficult time expressing themselves.
9.Men cheat because of the lack of affection,sexual
addiction,weak for sex,revenge on a cheating partner,and
pressure from male friends and seductive women.
10.Men do not like it when a woman loud talk them and
don’t give them a chance to speak.
11.Men will date different women or sleep with different
women to keep from falling in love.
12.If a man do not introduce you to his family or
friends,he really don’t want a serious relationship.
13.Men who fear commitment hates to feel cornered, and
will eventually ask you for space.
14.Never follow a man out of town away from your
family.He may not treat you well.
15.There are men that will make love to you,and still think
of another woman.
16.Men have different preferences when it comes to
women.Some won’t date you if you are not petite,and
some won’t date you if you are not large.
17.Some men are turned on by certain parts of a woman’s
body;whether it is her hair, nails ,teeth,legs,or perhaps
her eyes.
18.Men that hesitate or take a long time asking a woman
to marry them,is either a commitment phobe,don’t want to
give up his player card,or he is still looking.
19.Men are always watching women from afar.Men are
terrific watchers and you will never catch them watching.
So forget it!
20.Never share your whole life history with a man.He may
use it against you in the near future.So be careful what
you you tell him and how much you let him know.
21.If you don’t want a man, don’t take his money.
22.When a man give you money or gifts,he sees it as an
investment in you. When a man does this ,he do not
expect you to see other men,and do not expect for you to
leave him at all.
23.When a man want to try a new position in the bedroom,
9 out of 10, he learned it from another woman.
24.Men love a clean woman and a clean house.
25.These days some men are obsessed about how much a
woman makes on her job. Some men love the fact that a
woman have her own income,that way she won’t ask him
for his money.
26.There are men that don’t love the woman they are
with,but can’t stand to see her with anyone else. Men like
this like to keep the woman around for his own selfish
27.Men do not like to be compared to another man.
28.When you play the role as a man’s wife and is not
married to him,he will delay taking you to the alter to
marry you. Most men will wait many years, if you let them.
29.Most men love to smell a woman’s natural body
scent.Only a few men love the scent of perfume on a
woman’s body.
30. Men have a habit of asking almost every woman he
meets about how many partners she had in her lifetime.
My advice: Never answer this question unless you are not
ashame to answer. Most men ask this, because they are
turned off by women who have had multiple partners.
31.What ever you tell a man,he will always remember.Men
never forget what you say,so be careful what you say and
choose your words carefully.
32.Men hate to be embarassed in front of his friends and
family,especially in public.
33. There are men that will rather show you love,rather
than tell you he loves you.
34. Men love to gossip more than women, and they love
sharing bedroom secrets,so be careful if you are the type
to sleep around. Men will make you the talk of the
town,and other men will know your business. A woman’s
reputation is always at risk.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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