Best of my kind

my names are ibe ikem immaculate patience ugomma, i am a Nigerian,i am woman,a prospective woman of substance,a destined woman,most people rejected and abused me,but i am still the best i can ever be,i have loved and was never loved back,i have given and never received,i have been looked down upon,but still i am still the best,and the best i shall forever be
i will never give up untill that time when i will reach the very zenith of it all
being the best you can be starts with your mentality,you cannot go further than what you think
many people think good of themselves while some think they are the worst people
you can do better by changing the way you think
thanks to the following authors for their help:
joyce meyer
napoleon hill
maggerate chapman
john mason
i am the best of my kind!!

Written by lady ibe ikem immaculate

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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