Let it go

let go off the things that are keeping you
from what you really need to do
you just need to follow your way
so you can reach your goal some day
let go off the persons who are hurting you
because they don’t really have clue
it is only a part of the truth they see
around you is not where they should be
let go off the troubles that bother you
you need a solution that guides you through
you may need some good advice
not just some words that may sound nice
let go off the thoughts what is best for you
instead think a bit more about others, too
because each person has something special to give
and a good friend will be there as long as you live
let go off the pain inside your heart
because this is what is keeping you apart
from everything that you could feel
instead allow your heart to heal
let go off the thought about money or wordly success
because these will be worth a lot less
compared to the things that you can gain
if you are able to let love in and let it remain
let go off the thoughts you have to prove anything
time will show it is right what you are doing
and in time you will certainly get to see
that letting go all of these things will set your mind free
let go off the things that make you sad
don’t think that you are really bad
you only make mistakes – like we all do
just know that there are people who put their trust in you
let go off the thoughts you need to hide
because you have so much good inside
you don’t need to let your thoughts treavel so far
because you are loved for the person you are.

Writer:Britta Hoffmann

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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