Sad realities of life

one thing i have learnt in life is that humans can’t be trusted.
Even the so called brothers in christ. My instinct use to give me premonitions right from the first meeting because “little drops of grass shows an elephant hunter the direction that the wind is blowing” but i still give them a second chance or should i say a first chance probably because they are brethren in christ but one thing that i have learnt is that ” a bee with a sting can and will sting you anytime anyday christainity notwithstanding”.
Woe unto him that puts his trust in man and thats why i learnt to keep my friends close and enemies closer coz i can take care of them.

sometimes even when you trust God,at a point in your life it will be as if he has betrayed you and like jesus you will be forced to cry “my father my father,why has thou forsaken me? ”
if a perfect God can keep silent sometimes guess what an imperfect/selfish will end up doing to you if you trust them.

¤Don’t put your trust in your wife,job did it and he regretted it.

¤Don’t trust your twin,esua did and he lost his birth right

¤Don’t trust your father,isaac did and abraham nearly succeded in offering him as a sacrifice

¤Don’t trust your lovers,samson did and he lost his life.

¤Don’t trust your church members,classmates,friends….e.t.c jesus did and judas betrayed him,peter denied him three times and thomas denied his existence.

¤Don’t trust your mum,esua did but his mother betrayed him and helped his younger brother to steal his birthright.

Don’t trust your uncles,jacob did and was tricked by laban seven times.

I could go on and on but a word they say is enough for the wise.

If there is any being to be trusted it’s your creator,i don’t know what you call him but i call him the

writer:romeo mysterio

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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