benefits of cod liver oil

I’m sure that after reading this you will start incorporating cod liver oil into your diet lol.
Some advantages of cod liver oil is that

1.Reduces symptoms of arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoarthritis)

2.Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
*.Supports tooth and bone health

3.Acts as a systemic anti-inflammatory

4.Helps manage ADHD symptoms

5.Helps stabilize mood disorders (bi-polar, depression, etc)

6.Prevents formation of atheroscler*tic plaque

7.Promotes mental health

8.Promotes healthy hormonal balance

9.Supports health of hair, skin, and nails

10.Reduces skin conditions (acne, eczema)

11.Helps reduce asthma

12.Reduces chest cancer risk

13.Helps lower risk of type 1 diabetes when used in the first year of life

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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