Who is your favourite ronaldo or messi?

Hahahaha well i’m not a football fan,i just saw hilarious piece on facebook and decided to paste it here. Lol

  1. When RONALDO scores he points
    at himself. When MESSI scores he
    points up,

  2. RONALDO will do 5 skills to beat
    1 player. MESSI will do 1 trick to
    beat 5 players.

  3. RONALDO is compared to
    Messi.. While MESSI is compared to
    Pele and Maradona.

  4. RONALDO shoots where MESSI
    would have passed to better
    positioned player.

  5. RONALDO is hungry for
    individual success, MESSI plays for
    the success of the team as a

  6. Girls like RONALDO for his Good
    Looks, they like MESSI for his Good

  7. RONALDO scores goals, MESSI
    Breaks World Records.

  8. RONALDO plays because he
    loves fame, MESSI plays because
    he loves the game.

  9. RONALDO will make your DAY!
    MESSI will make your HISTORY!

  10. RONALDO is Good, but MESSI is
    the best.

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