8 characteristics of african men that is bad.

1-feels threatened in the presence of a competent lady:some men will even go as far as refusing to train their wives in higher institutions because they feel inferior when they meet an african woman that is more advanced educationally than them

2-has a low self esteem with a disgusting ego.

3-tags himself rare when it comes feminine matters! after all the ratio of male to female is still 1:5

4-likes to sit on top of matters even when he is clueless and sooooo wrong.:a typical african man will know that he is wrong but he will rather die than admit his mistake.

5-thinks he is wiser than the white man. See them slaving their loved ones in exchange for mirror or thinking they can survive and surpass the white man in virtually every thing.
Well i don’t have anything to say about this but the funny thing is that while the whites think that they are superior to blacks the blacks also think that they are superior to white men(funny world indeed)

6-rarely accepts he is wrong. Will rather give one thousand and one excuses to ascertain this claim.

7-will never believe he is at least comfortable. He is always managing perhaps for years.if you ask a typical african man how he is doing his reply will be “we are managing”, “fine it’s just hunger that wants to drive us out” even though affluence is written all over the man.

8-a typical african man will never accept a female leader.

Author: HandsomebeautyGarden

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