Five Reasons why men should stop complaining about been friend zoned by women

For the few majority who have no idea what ‘Friend-zoning’ implies, let me paint you a picture:
Boy meets Girl, Boy Likes Girl, Boy Asks Girl Out, Girl says: “I’m sorry, but we can ONLY be friends”. Boy whines about being ‘Friendzoned’.
Typical eh?
Here are 5 reasons why men should suck it up and quit whining:
1.She Has a Type And You’re Not it.
Yes. You may be the most caring person you’ve ever known-nice, sweet and gentle(good for you!), however the fact remains that the heart wants what the heart wants. I see guys complain about this but have you ever really stopped to wonder what the girl in question is interested in…..
2.She can’t control Her Feelings.
This goes without saying. Don’t trivialize her feelings by claiming you’ve been friendzoned. Don’t expect her to hook up with you because you talk to her on Facebook late at night. Don’t expect her to feel the same way you do just because you’ve been nice to her. That’s prossstitution and that makes you a douche.
3.She’s Been Hurt too.
Only guys sit down and make up a name of something that is actually…pretty normal. I’ve been hurt as well, i’ve liked people who didn’t feel the same way. So? Would i sit and lick my wounds or move on? The same applies to the so-called ‘Nice Guys’ out there. Be a man about it and move on.
4.The Friendzone is an Excuse.
It’s an excuse for when a guy likes a girl but the girl doesn’t like him right back. It’s a sense of entitlement. It’s the idea that just because a guy gives a girl his time or affection, she’s in the wrong for not giving him sexual or romantic favors back. It’s a defense mechanism, a way for the guy to make the girl seem coldhearted or callous or dumb for simply acting on her feelings, or rather lack of feelings.
5.Because No Girl Just Wants A ‘Nice Guy.’
You need to be more than an innocent little boy. You need to be a smart, witty, funny, charming and confident man. Girls don’t like ‘nice guys’ or ‘douchebags’, they like guys who are real, just like guys like girls who are real. If you think a girl owes you something simply because you’re a ‘nice guy’, then you have a warped sense of entitlement with the females, man.
The friendzone is the ineffectual tool of an ineffectual male. Stop using it as an excuse. There’s a girl out there for you but you can’t expect it to be me and blame me when it isn’t, Capish?
But then girls don’t be jealous & don’t complain when the guy you friendzoned finds love elsewhere.
“Had I known” shall be your portion.

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Author: TheGoldendiamond

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