Wonders shall never end! Gwyneth Montenegro finally decides to settle down after sleeping with 1091 men

After sleeping with 10,091 men over 12
years in a drug and alcohol induced haze,
former escort Gwyneth Montenegro is
finally ready to settle down and experience
true love for the first time.
The 36-year-old received an astounding 80
marriage proposals after the last time the
Melbourne resident spoke to Daily Mail
Australia in July about the launch of her
book, 10,000 Men and Counting.
The overwhelming response to the insight
into her former seedy lifestyle got Gwyneth
thinking that maybe she was ready to meet
a good man – something she never felt
comfortable doing when being paid $500 to
$1000 an hour to have sex with well-known
lawyers, politicians and musicians.
‘It awoke something within me when the
article was published – not that I’m in a
rush to be married,’ she said.
‘There were some working in the industry
who were dating people and married but
for me personally I didn’t find it
‘I found it easier to avoid relationships
during my time in the industry. The two
just don’t mix. I tried it once, it was an
utter disaster.’
Since leaving her old life behind three
years ago, Ms Montenegro wears many hats
as a commercial pilot, an NLP Master
Practitioner and, of course, now an author.
‘I was a little over men at that point in
time of my life and found my businesses
infinitely more stimulating,’ she said.
But Gwyneth is now ready and raring to give
the dating game a go.
‘My parents didn’t get married until their
late 30s and they have been married for 33
years,’ she said.
Despite growing up in a contrast world being
raised by devout Christians, her parents are
her number one supporters.
‘Mum joked that she thought I would have
had enough of men by now,’ she laughed.
Ms Montenegro said the years of men
paying her for sex gave her a good insight
into what men want from a woman.
‘Clients would confide in me about the good
and bad parts of their relationship,’ she
‘I feel I have a deeper understanding of
men than ever before.’
Writing the book was a therapeutic
experience that helped her to discover her
true self and become comfortable with it –
as she describes herself as the ‘girl next
‘I’m fairly introverted and conservative,’
she said. ‘I’m the last person my friends
ever expected to have lived that kind of
Gwyneth fell into the escort world after she
was gang-raped during a night-out at a
club at just 18 years-old when her low self-
esteem and lust for money led her to table
top dancing before heading into sex work.
After dabbling in the online dating game
and deciding it wasn’t for her, she believes
that relationships should evolve organically.
‘I believe in the energy I put out there I
will get back,’ she explains.
Gwyneth has only ever been in two
relationships before that only lasted about
a year.
‘I’m contemplating it, I’d love to. I’ve
never really experienced what you’d
consider true love or what it’s like to be
totally in love.’
She is now a woman who well and truly
knows what she is looking for.
‘I can be a handful, I am headstrong and
determined. I like a man who is calmly
confident, in charge, but not bombastically
so,’ she said.
‘I’ve spent a lifetime looking after my body
and I respect that in any potential
‘He certainly doesn’t have to be a model or
a muscle bound fireman, I’d give
preference to a fun personality any day.’
Gwyneth’s former life, which involved
blowing tens of thousands of dollars on a
new car, clothes and cocaine, has sparked
interest from Hollywood with Gywneth in
secret negotiations with a famous producer.
‘I can’t say at the moment but everyone
would know who she is – it is most likely
going to happen,’ she said.
‘It’s quite a long process but we should know
this month or the next.’
dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2855463/I-m-ready-love-Former-escort-turned-girl-door-slept- 10-000-men-ready-settle-down.html?ito=social-facebook

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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