A world where fart smells like sweet chocolate

Hahahaha,this is hilarious! Welcome to the twenty first century where farts smell like chocolates 🙂

Christian Poincheval, 65, of Gesvres, said his Lutin Malin — or Crafty Imp — line of pills can make a customer’s bodily gases smell like chocolate, roses or violets. Poincheval developed the chocolate scent specially for Christmas.
The website selling the products bill the pills as “The Father Christmas fart pill that gives your farts the scent of chocolate.” “It’s a nice present for the festive season,” Poincheval told The Local. “There will be a real need for these pills over Christmas.”
Poincheval said the invention was inspired by an uncomfortably flatulent dinner with friends about six years ago.
“We had just come back from Switzerland and we were eating a lot with our friends and the smell from the flatulence was really terrible. We couldn’t breathe so me and a friend decided something had to be done,” Poincheval said.
The pills are billed as “100 percent natural” and include fennel, seaweed and blueberries among their ingredients. http://m.news24.com /nigeria/World/News/New-pill-makes-fart-smell-like-chocolate-20141126-2

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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