Unladylike attitudes that some ladies exhibit on a date

There is one bad thing girls do and which is very
bad.a girl will pray for a geniune guy to come around and when he does the
next thing is for you to show up with three other
girls. Did he tell you to bring anyone along? If
you don’t show up with three other girls, you go
into unplanned shopping. Instead of you leaving
that place empty handed, you buy Agege bread
or better still, ask for airtime as you forgot your
purse at home. What a disgrace! Do you know how
much he planned to spend?
These are the ones that spoil the name of their fellow women. When a man volunteers to take them out. They go and show how hungry they are. One person will eat 2 portions of rice, a full chicken, a bowl of ice cream, a can of one litre juice,normal coke, diet coke, fanta, sprite, nkwobi, fish pepper soup, assorted as if it is not enough when she is going home she will request for take away… cake, 7meatpie, 10sausage rolls, a carton of juice, 3 full grilled fish. 1,500mtn airtime, 1000glo, 750airtel…
As if its her whole village she is feeding.

Some single girls now have their tummy big while
mothers have theirs flat. It’s too much of
alcohol, nkwobi, Chinese, junks, malt drinks,
and packet juices. You must finish the guy’s
money before anything. In fact, you do take-
away on every date ( shameful) after all, na
the guy invite you. Whatever happened to your
knowledge of simple etiquette. Tomorrow, you
will be the one shouting and telling the whole
world that guys are mean. He didn’t dump you;
he only saved himself from future pain. Please
show yourself some respect; learn to be a lady

Author: HandsomebeautyGarden

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