man loses his life fighting over a woman

right from the time of creation man has been sacrificing a lot for love and it seems the story will not be ending anytime soon.
Never in the wildest
imagination of Samson
Ibrahim, did he envisage he
would not live to see his
agenda for 2015 actualize, as
he set off to a bar in Paiko
Idimu, a Lagos suburb on
January 1.
The 40 year-old father of three
reportedly received an
invitation from some of his
friends at the bar. He was said
to have left his apartment with
a promise to come back and
continue the New celebration
with his family. But that was
never to be as he was rushed
from the bar to the hospital,
following a sev ere injury he
sustained during a fight over a
As you read this piece, the
remains of Ibrahim are lying
stone cold in the morgue, as a
result of complication that
reportedly arose during
Information at Crime Guard’s
disposal had it that the late
Ibrahim engaged one Alaba
Adeshina in a fight at the
popular ‘Lady Show ‘bar , after
the later attempted to woo his
girl. In the process, eye
witnesses alleged that Alaba
stabbed Ibrahim with a broken
bottle in his stomach which
forced his intestines out.
The deceased’s elder brother,
Babatunde Alagbe , who spoke
with Crime Guard said his late
brother was taken to different
hospitals within the vicinity
but was rejected.
He said: “ At the Ikeja General
Hospital, we were told to go
and get N2million for surgery.
Thereafter we took my brother
to Ikeja Medial Centre where
we were told to bring N1
million. We eventually settled
for N700,000 before the
surgery was carried out. After
the surgery he started
complaining of chest pain and
when he went for check up,
scan result showed that some
liquid substance lodged in his
chest. The scan result also
showed that blood was lodged
at his back, thereby,
necessitating a second
surgery, where my brother was
opened up from the chest to
the stomach.
Unfortunately, he could not
make it. He died four days
later, leaving his three children
of ages 8, 5 and 2 “ Adeshina
He attacked me- suspect
On his part, 34 year-old Alaba
Adeshina who was embroiled
in a fight with the deceased,
denied stabbing him. Rather,
he claimed that the deceased
attacked him first, showing a
bandage on his head as an
evidence of the injury he
sustained during the attack.
Narrating what happened:
Adeshina said: “ I saw two
ladies smoking at the bar. I
admired one of them. My
intention was to get
acquainted with her and use
the opportunity to advise her
against smoking. But when I
approached her, she barked at
me and threatened to smash a
bottle on my head.
Later, she joined us at the table
and was discussing with my
friends. Again, as she made to
leave, I followed her and
demanded for her number.
Before I knew what was
happening, a man came out
from nowhere and landed his
fist across my face, accusing
me of trying to take his girl . By
then, one of my brothers,
Segun Olowopejo, cautioned
me to be careful and asked me
to leave the bar. As I was
leaving, the man came again
and smashed a bottle on my
head. I was dazed at that point
and cried out for help in pain .
That was all I could remember
until I woke up next day , to
find myself at Temidire
hospital with bandage on my
head and my right wrist.
I was advised to report the
matter at the station because I
was told that the fight
escalated after I fainted . But
on getting to the station, I was
detained. It was at the station I
learnt that the man I fought
with was dead”
Who killed Ibrahim?
Arrested alongside Adeshina
were his elder brother, Segun
Olowopejo, his step brother,
Samuel Michael and Kabiru
Abdulai, all of whom went to
the bar that fateful day. They
are currently at the State
Criminal Investigation
Department , SCID, Panti,
where investigation was said
to be ongoing.
When asked who stabbed the
deceased, Samuel Michael,
burst into tears, wishing the
hand of the clock could be
turned back to that day in
order to amend his ways.
The father of three started with
lamentation: “ January 1, 2015
was a nightmare that I wish I
would wake up and discover it
was dream after all. But no! It
is real!
“My father usually invite

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