stupid behaviours guys indulge in to impress girls

stupid behaviours guys indulge in to impress girls
1). Sagging of trousers
Some guys can be naïve, when they’re about to
approach a girl they’ll draw their trousers down to form
bad guys unknowing to them that they are ridiculing
them self in front of the girl
2). Forgetting rehearsed pickup line
Am guilty of this after hours of practicing and craming
what to say, when the time finally comes to put to what
you’ve been learning to work nervousness and shyness
join together will make you forget every single line
3). Telling flimsy lies when she knows the truth
This one is very funny at the same time embarrassing he
might be posing with his friends car lying that he owns
the car when she already knows the real owner
4). Dressing like a gangster
Some guys have no shame wearing to much blings or
wearing chains that are meant dogs all in the name of
5). Being overly lousy
Being a talkative is different from being lousy when
someone is lousy it means he talks and shout to much
making ladies see him.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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