lists of proffessions with the highest number of liers

My list of TOP Seven Lying
Professions beginning from the
rear are:
7: Transporters:
These involves conductors and
drivers. Just today I almost
went a wrong direction
because the conductor just
wanted me to fill his seat, even
after I told him where I was
heading! Thank God, I asked a
passenger who screamed that I
was going opposite and the
fare wasn’t small.
6. Mechanics
Some of our “car experts” can
lie o! They’ll tell you to come
carry your motor that they’re
almost through only to go and
find out nothing has been
done. You go buy unnecessary
parts tire because of their plot
to make money out of you!
Lies you don’t have to tell…
5. Police
The highest bidder gets their
attention. Especially in that
their office, you better not
argue with them. Police can
paint blue as red. They’re still
your friends though
4. Business People
You will hear them say, “Na
only #10 I dey gain”…Iffa hear!
Some of them will forge
unnecessary lies just to get
you to buy their goods. You
know the girl is not too fine,
“Yet you’ll say, Fine girl, come
buy na…” … Markets like,
Alaba, Aba, Ariaria…You must
be smart …Those guys will
load you with lies until you buy
a fake product…then come
back come change am
na …For where? Dem go deny
you! Don’t pray to be in such
3. Tailors
Tailors sha! I no no wetin I
wan call them o…
They will tell you Come
Tomorrow, by 5PM! Hmm! Go
by 6PM, your material still dey
for ground… Lol… Some are
good but some, when you give
them material, just stay there
until they start sewing o and
get to some extent, otherwise
na sorry get you . You get
wedding on Saturday, you
planned to cloth the cloth on
Friday, you may be
disappointed- Follow him/ her
up from Monday! No be dia
fault sha, dem too get plenty
2. Lawyers
You may not have been made
to suffer unnecessary
allegation because a lawyer
stood against the truth he is
meant to defend but some
have…And it’s wicked! I know
they do it legally but it’s still a
lie. The bad part is, They’ll put
it so nicely even when they
know it’s a lie! The No. 1 on
this list have some of them to
cover up for their lies, no
surprise most of them later
delve into Politics…this takes
us to the No.1…
1. Politicians
These are the kings of Lies…
Read this story…A certain man
went to heaven, he saw a fan
rolling so slowly, he asked
why, The angels told him “the
fans roll fast depending on the
number of lies you’ve told. The
slow one was that of Mother
Theresa…” (To cut it short) he
saw a room filled with
industrial fans blowing
everywhere (that’s where the
angels go to rest and jist), he
asked why the fans were so
fast, He was told that room
solely belongs to politicians!
These folks have Masters in
Lying. Believe them at your
own peril! .
It’s almost impossible to find a
truthful one! PDP, APC or
Others? All are same!

Culled from nairaland

Author: HandsomebeautyGarden

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