marriage + mathematics

Couples seeking to spice up
their marriages may learn a
few tips from the General
Overseer of the Redeemed
Christian Church of God
(RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare
Adeboye, who has established
a link between Mathematics
and marriage.
Coming from a
mathematician-turned pastor,
who has been married for 47
years, the audience at the first
annual lecture of the Pastor
E.A. Adeboye Professorial
Chair for mathematics held
Thursday evening at the Main
Auditorium of the University of
Lagos (UNILAG) took him
seriously when he spoke about
four simultaneous linear
equations for successful
marital life.
He supported each equation
with relevant biblical verses as
he told the audience that his
understanding of the
mathematics of marriage is
what has kept his marriage
“I told my children that why I
have remained married for 47
years is because I understand
the mathematics of marriage.
Mathematics is a science of
living,” he said.
His Equation 1, which states
that love is blind, was
supported with a biblical
passage from Proverbs 10:12,
which states that love covers a
multitude of sins.
Then he said the explanation
for Equation 2, which is that
“marriage is a miracle worker
with special anointing for
curing blindness” could be
found in Genesis 29:16-25
which gives the account of
how Jacob was so in love that
he did not know it was Leah
that was given to him in
marriage instead of Rachel
until the next day.
When simultaneously
calculated, he said the result
shows that during courtship,
love does not make
shortcomings obvious until
after marriage, when all doubts
about character are cleared.
Moving on to Equation 3,
which states that “angels don’t
eat jollof rice”; he made
reference to Judges 6:11-21
where the sacrifice Gideon
offered to the angel was
consumed by fire, while he
said Equation 4 is that angels
don’t marry Matthew 22:30.
In essence, Pastor Adeboye
explained that the women eat
jollof rice so they are not
angels and are not perfect, just
like men.
He advised couples to have
reasonable expectations of
their spouses and not expect
them to be like angels.
Pastor Adeboye was the first
master’s and PhD student of
Mathematics produced by the
University of Lagos. The Apapa
Family of the RCCG endowed
the professorial chair in
Mathematics, valued at N50
million at the university on his
behalf in 2009.
Prof Samuel Okoya currently
occupies the professorial chair.
He delivered a lecture titled:
“Relevance of Mathematics to
Everday Living” at the event.
Meanwhile, the UNILAG Vice-
Chancellor, Prof Rahamon
Bello, announced at the lecture
that the university would confer
an honorary doctoral degree of
science on Pastor Adeboye for
his contribution to life and the
growth of his church.
“In recognition of Pastor
Adeboye’s contribution to life
and the growth of the
Redeemed Christian Church of
God, the Senate of the
University of Lagos has
approved the award of a Doctor
of Science (DSc) Honoris
Causa to Pastor Adeboye. We
look forward to the day the
award will be bestowed on him
officially,” he said.
Responding, Adeboye said he
would accept the award with
“While I have humbly rejected
the awards of many
universities, I will gladly accept
that of the University of Lagos,”
said the man of God.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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