marital mistakes that most men make

your marriage may be going down the drain because
1. You Don’t Fight For Her.
No matter how much you love each
other, disagreements are an
inevitable part of being in a
relationship. Men often make the
mistake of fighting against their
partner rather than fighting for her. A
man who fights for his partner makes
her feel safe and cared for.
2. You Never Took Time To Study
Though men are often all-too-aware
that the women they’re in
relationships with are complex, they
often make the mistake of relying on
surface knowledge in the way they
relate to their partner without really
understanding her.
3. You Ain’t Trustworthy.
Nothing destroys a relationship more
quickly or more thoroughly than
doing something that breaks down
your partner’s trust in you. Nothing
cultivates a relationship more than
being dependable.
4. You Never Made Her A Queen.
Many relationships suffer when the
woman begins to feel either
unimportant or less important than
something else. The best
relationships are often cultivated
most by the value a man places on
the woman he loves.
5. Your Didn’t Take Her To Different
Relationships can grow stale when
dating becomes routine by doing the
same things over and over. Studies
have shown that couples who spend
their time trying out new activities are
generally healthier.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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