Aquarians are the people who are
born between January 20th and
February 18th. In the zodiac chart it is
often symbolized by a water bearer or
a water pitcher. Members born under
the sign are extremely vulnerable and
sensitive. You may find them being
surrounded by many but in reality
they rarely have close friends and
acquaintances. The universality of
their sign makes them public people.
They are often associated with many
clubs, organizations and forums and
like intellectual discussions.
Aquarians are good communicators
as long as you stay within their
mental realm. They enjoy the
company of like minded people.
Aquarians tend to attach great
importance to their friends and love
to stay surrounded by them.
You, Aquarians, are straight forwards
and don’t like changes too often.
People will be quick to notice your
limitations in these aspects.
However, you get aggrieved when
people try to take advantage of your
straight forward nature. When being
hurt or ditched you almost always
take revenge even at the cost of your
own reputation.
In their personal lives Aquarians tend
to settle for a somewhat peaceful life.
However, they often don’t get
emotionally attached to their
relationships. They can settle for a
relationship even it lacks in
sensitivity and ardor.
Aquarians are intelligent and quick
witted, which attract others towards
them. They can pick up things really
fast. According to the Aquarius
horoscope predictions, Aquarians are
curious in nature and take interest in
everything around them. However,
these can make it difficult for them to
concentrate on one thing.
Aquarius the sign of Air
Though some people mistakenly
believe that Aquarius falls under the
Water Sign but it actually falls under
the Air Sign. Astrological signs fall
under the sign of Air are thinkers.
They put intellect over other
Aquarians can move between
thoughts quite effortlessly. They have
a great mind and are quick learners.
People born under the sign exert great
command over language and are born
communicators. But, they are by no
means chatty. They will rather
engage people in interesting
Aquarius Characteristics
Positive Qualities of Aquarius
They are talented people, who are
born with a natural intelligence. If
they want, they can make wonders
around them with their creativity and
intelligence. They can lead any team,
no matter if they are in the toughest
situation. Aquarians are honest and
they always listen to their instinct.
Questions… they are the favorite of
the Aquarians. They do not follow
conventional ways, rather they invent
new ways to think and implement.
Negative Qualities of Aquarius
Aquarians are often accused of
having a lonely love life, simply
because they are not at all open to
life. They take a lot of time to mingle
with others. Very often, the Aquarians
are considered nagging, because they
nag too much to their near and dear
ones, for not giving then time and
attention. The Aquarians often tend to
fall sick. For all these issues in their
personal life, they often face troubles
in their professional life.
Traits of Aquarius
Intelligent: The Aquarians are
born intelligent. They know how
to work and what will work for
them. This trait makes them
prominent in the crowd. They
have a natural love for nature and
creativity. For these reasons, they
often get recognition from others.
Innovative: Aquarians are creative
and innovative; They are always
with new ideas and thoughts. If
you are coming short of any
unique idea, you can ask any
Aquarian friends for help.
Honest: Aquarians are honest in
both professional life and
personal life. They are extremely
dedicated to their work and their
loyalty is the first quality, which
gets noticed on top in any
Aquarian. This trait makes them
Spontaneous: Aquarians are
impulsive. They do not take much
time to react on anything. They
always listen to their instinct.
They hardly think about
Inquisitive: Aquarians love to
enquiry. Yes, believe it or not, they
just love to dig the deepest corner
of a matter with their questions.
This is possibly the most irritating
habit of the Aquarians.
Aquarius Strengths
Aquarians are endowed with many
positive traits. They are intelligent,
which people around them are quick
to notice.
Aquarians are also public people and
take interests in various topics. They
have a clear and witty mind, which
make them great thinkers. They can
also be indigenous in their thinking
for which their opinions are often
sought by others.
Aquarians are kind hearted and take
interest in humanitarian activities.
Positive qualities in an Aquarian are,
Aquarius Weaknesses
When criticizing people Aquarians
can turn sarcastic. In fact, dark
humor is a part of their nature.
Further, Aquarians can be somewhat
stubborn and may determine their
path as the right one.
They can become uncaring to others
and are often deemed as
unemotional. They can get into a
relationship without really getting
involved in it. According to the
Aquarius horoscope, Aquarians might
not develop an attachment with their
families and stay somewhat aloof.
Negatives in an Aquarian are,
Nature of Aquarius
Aquarians are visionaries. Theirs is
an intellectual and independent sign.
Aquarians are marked for deviating
from what is conventional. They mark
their own path and continue to travel
their own way despite what people
think about it.
Aquarians are great thinkers. They
constantly demand for intellectual
stimulations and are constantly
discovering new things.
Aquarians can be full of conflicts.
They can strive for completely
different things at the same time.
Their paradoxical nature also makes
them somewhat aloof in their
behaviors. They can have many
friends yet they can lack in friends
who can be called as close.
They are humanitarians and believe
in the saying of ‘live and let live’.
Aquarius Career
Aquarians are imaginative and
inventive in their nature. They
constantly look for intellectual
stimulants and keep discovering new
things. Hence, they can become great
discoverers, scientists and
They have a creative bent of mind,
which can help them in becoming
actors, theatrical personalities,
dramatists, musicians and the like.
They make great astrologers and
Aquarians can find success in careers
of physicians and medical personnel
because of their humanitarian nature.
Aquarius Love/Marriage
Aquarians can be unemotional and
aloof at times. They also create an
imaginative picture of their perfect
partner in their mind and search for
one who would fit into it.
Sensitivity and emotion always don’t
make the base for a relationship with
Aquarians. Hence, romantic relation
with Aquarius can be strenuous to
people who are emotional by nature.
Aquarian males are usually
passionate lovers if they can make a
balance between their imagination
and reality. They might not make
their feelings obvious at the first time.
An Aquarian male may take detours
while in a relationship but they will
usually return to their old love.
Aquarian women are sensual and
feminine. They are gifted with
beautiful appearance. They might not
be afraid of taking the leading role in
a relationship and can be provoking.
Quick Facts
Lucky Numbers
5, 6, 8, 11, 19, 22.
Birthstone /Lucky Stone
Lucky Color
Light Blue, Nile Green, Yellow
Ruling Planet
Favorable Months
March, April, May, July, August,
October, November, December.
Unfavorable Months
January, February, June, September.
Most compatible with
Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Special Qualities
Creative, Idealist, Intelligent
You hate rules and regulations
Suitable Profession
Advertising, Interior Decoration,
Music Composer
Energy Signs
Health Problems
Legs, Ankles
Most Clashes with
Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo,

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