lies of the mind

Here are some of those lies and
excuses that keep us from making
desired changes and progress in our
1. I can’t do it.
Because it seems too difficult at first,
you think you can’t stick to the
positive change you’re making. You
begin to doubt your ability to take
another step. This is a common lie/
excuse that can be countered by
looking at the fact that other people
no more capable than you have done
it. You need to tell yourself, “If he/she
can do it, so can I!” And with time you
will see that you were right- you
could do it after all. Truth be told, the
only person who can tell you “I can’t”
is you. If you hear those words
echoing in the back of your mind, tune
them out. Realize that your doubts
and your faith have something in
common – they both ask you to
believe in something you can’t see.
You simply have to decide which one
you want to believe.
2. They can do it, but that doesn’t
apply to me because they have it
better than me.
You think just because someone else
can, doesn’t mean you can, right?
You look for reasons they can do it
but you can’t – maybe he’s a good
writer because he has no kids. She’s
way smarter than I am, that’s why
she always gets the best deals. She
doesn’t have all the work and family
obligations I have, or has a
supportive spouse, that’s why she can
do what she does.
OK, fine, it’s easy to find excuses: but
look at all the other people who also
have considerable obstacles and
have done it anyway. Stories abound
of people with disabilities or illnesses
who overcame their obstacles to
achieve great things. You too can join
the league of such ‘champions’.
Let me share one of my own
experiences before we go on to the
next point.
As I was growing up, my friend was
better than in school. I never thought I
could be as good as he because I told
myself ‘He is from a family of
intellectuals, his dad is a PhD holder
in a very analytical field and he will
soon become a professor, his
brothers are also good and always
take the first position or second when
they want to relax a bit.’ So I felt
disadvantaged. Unfortunately, I
believed this lie for a long time until I
saw my own potential and realised
that I had caged myself with a lie.
3. No one will support this decision/
Have you ever had a novel idea and
felt that nobody will share your
vision? Hear what Ghandi has to say:
“Hesitating to act because the whole
vision might not be achieved, or
because others do not yet share it, is
an attitude that only hinders
progress.” Don’t conclude that your
dream cannot come true until you
have tried all possible means
available to achieve it. Most times
we place the death verdict on our
dreams/goals even before they are
You never know what’s possible until
you risk finding out. In the long run,
there is only one thing that makes
your dreams and goals completely
impossible to achieve: Your lack of
action today.
4. I’m stuck because I don’t have
enough time to make changes.
It is more important to know where
you are going and why, than to get
there quickly. In fact, the most
important thing in life is knowing
what the most important things in life
are, and prioritizing them
accordingly. The truth is, you write
your own destiny through the choices
you make every day. You become
what you repeatedly do. Most of us
spend too much time on urgent
things and not enough time on
important things. So do yourself a
favor and implement these three
action steps every time you’re
building or sorting your to-do list: 1)
Think about the difference between
what is urgent and what is important.
2) Review all the obligations on your
list. 3)Do what’s important first.
5. It’ll be too hard because I can’t do
without _______.
Fill in the blank: I need my wine, my
TV shows, my ten hours of sleep, my
big house, my fancy wardrobe, or
whatever it is that you consider very
important. These are luxuries we
convince ourselves we can’t live
without, so we can justify not making
positive changes like eating healthier
or saving money or simplifying our
lives or building a profitable side
hustle. I’m not immune either – in
the past I’ve made these excuses
myself, but they all turned out to be
lies. I could do without most of those
things, and and so can you. Believing
that you can’t do without those
things you hold so dear only gets in
the way of the positive changes you
are capable of creating for yourself.
Your TV shows may be preventing
you from finishing that book, studying
well or attending to your job properly.
Cutting down on the amount of time
you spend doing the things you so
cherish (which are not productive in
any way) can greatly increase your
productivity in things that really
6. Life is meant to be easier and
enjoyed more.
Sure, I agree that life should be
enjoyed (as most people would) but
the problem is that the idea that life
should ALWAYS be easy and
enjoyable is used to justify all kinds
of lazy behavior. You might as well
sit on the couch with some juice in
hand and watch TV all day, because
hey, life is meant to be enjoyed, right?
(Friend, if you continue that way, your
landlord will soon throw you off that
couch and out of his house for not
paying your rent and your juice can
will be replaced with ‘pure’/ sachet
So you see that constantly being in
the ‘enjoyment mode’ will land you in
a mess. Fact is, you can give up a lot
of comfort in your life and not lose a
thing. In fact, the path of least
resistance is often the path of least
There are no shortcuts to any place
worth going. You must run to be a
runner. You must write to be a writer.
You must actively work on a
business venture to learn how to run
a successful business. There is no
substitute for doing the work. So
meditate on this every day: “I will do
the work. It won’t be easy. It will be
worth it!”
7. I deserve a reward (or a break).
We all deserve a tasty treat, or a day
off. I’m not saying you shouldn’t give
yourself a reward or break when one
is deserved. But if you make this
rationalization a primary rule for
living, you’ll always be on a break.
You’ll always be giving yourself
rewards, and never adhering to the
original plan. Here’s what you should
do instead: See sticking to your plan
as the reward itself. See reaching
your goals as a gift you give myself.
Going on a run isn’t the thing you
have to get through to get a reward –
the run is the reward.
8. I can do it later.
Sure, you can always do it later… but
your later self will feel the same exact
way. Think about it: Why should your
later self be more disciplined than
your present self? There’s no reason.
In fact, because you’re allowing
yourself to slack off now, you’re
building a habit of procrastination
and actually making it less likely that
your later self will be more
This excuse is one which 99% of us
are guilty of. I have put off writing
this post to a later time several times
since the thought came to me. I kept
telling myself, I will write it this
evening…no, tomorrow…oh men I’m
so tired already, I’ll make sure I write
it unfailingly on Wednesday. And so I
kept postponing it. The fact that you
are reading this post means that I
refused to give myself that excuse
any further. I have overcome this one
but there are yet many more
instances in the future where I will
have to fight against this excuse. So
it is for everyone of us. Everyday we
are tempted to push things to the
next day.
But today, stop making excuses for
why you can’t get it done and start
focusing on all the reasons why you
must make it happen.
Stop talking about what you have
done or what you are going to do.
Just do it and let your actions speak
for themselves. Most great things in
life don’t happen by chance, they
happen by choice.
9. One time won’t hurt.
This lie is so tempting, because it’s
somewhat true – one time won’t
hurt. Assuming, of course, that it
really is only one time. One scoop of
ice cream, one extra hour of sleep,
one time procrastinating instead of
working, etc.
Unfortunately, it’s never just one
time. One time means your brain now
knows it can get away with this
excuse next time too, and the next
“one time” leads to another, until
you’ve completely fallen off the
wagon. Make a pact with yourself:
never believe the “one time” lie. If
you’re going to allow yourself six
hours of sleep, decide this beforehand
and build it into your plan – “I will
allow myself six hours of sleep every
weekday” and stick to your plan,
rather than deciding on the spot when
your conscience is weak. It makes
you more disciplined and helps you
make definite progress.
10. It’s better to quit now and cut my
As Winston Churchill once said,
“Success is never final, failure is never
fatal. It is courage to continue that
counts.” Nothing could be closer to
the truth. Persistence is the mother of
all productive effort. Failures, small
and large, happen every day to the
best of us. The strongest, most
people aren’t the people who always
succeed, but the ones who don’t give
up when they lose. In the heat of the
moment when you feel like quitting,
think about how far you have come
and why you started in the first place.
Oftentimes you’re a lot closer to
making a breakthrough than you
think. Some people give up their
efforts when they have almost
reached their goal, while others
conquer their goals by exerting, up
until the very last possible second,
more vigorous efforts than ever
before. Bottom line: Once you learn to
quit, it becomes a habit – so KEEP
11. It’s already too late.
Nothing is too late until your tired
heart stops beating. If you’re reading
this right now, it means you are still
alive, which means it’s not too late
for you.
Things can change if you want them
to at any time.
However, while accepting the fact
that you can change things at any
time, don’t give the excuse that
you’ve got all the time in the world.
That would be going to the extreme
because tomorrow is not in your
hands. The point being made here is
that no matter the stage you are now,
change is still possible. Irrespective
of what you think you’ve lost, focus
on the present and make the best out
out of it.
Right now you can choose differently
and make something new happen.
Your future is immediate. Grab on to
it with both hands and keep moving
on. When you come up on a
roadblock and are faced with the
choice of sitting down and doing
nothing or doing something to make
further progress, choose the latter.
Think, work, and climb if you have to.
Move your life forward.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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