a touching story

When Tracy met John, a banker, she felt so
happy. John was a quiet and nice guy and
she fell in love with him almost immediately.
John was so wealthy and he met all Tracy ‘s
need. When he proposed to her, Tracy felt so
complete. She thought marrying her
boyfriend was the best thing that will
happen to her but she was so disappionted
when her mum vehemently refused. She
saw John as been dubious, owing to the
fact that he was too rich to be just a
banker.Tracy thought her mum was wicked.
She cried her eyes off but her mum
maintained her stand, there was something
fishy about john. John married a girl in the
neighbourhood and Tracy thought it was
the end of the world. Seeing John and his
wife drive pass their house everyday was
more than enough torture for her.. She
moved out of her mum’s place to stay with
an Aunty. A year passed by and no man
came along. Tracy found it hard to forgive
her mum but after a while she met
Emmanuel and they got married but six
months on, she received a very shocking
news– John was caught with hard drugs.
He was arrested and sentenced to twelve
years imprisonment with all his assests
confiscated!…. When James received
employment letters from two companies, an
oil servicing and a construction company, he
picked the one from the oil servicing
company which offered more pay but his
uncle kicked against it. James thought
everyone was crazy but after much
persuasion, he took the job from the
construction company. His friends laughed
at him but he stood his ground. Two years
after, the oil company went bankrupt and
james friends had to start all over again….In
life, often times when we loose something
that we really do want, we feel very terrible
and act like God has forgotten us but the
truth is, if God gives us everything we want,
we might end up regretting for the rest of
our lives. Sometimes, lost opportunities are
simply escape routes.Dont brood over the
past… Just maybe, your ex would have made
a terrible spouse, maybe you would have
been sacked unjustly in that company, it
would have been a fake admission or visa,
maybe you would have lost your life in that
place. You can never tell! Only God sees the
end from the beginning. Appreciate him for
where you are now and thank him for some
doors that did not open… Someday you will

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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