relationship matters

After breakup, most victims (ladies & guys alike) come up with certain theorems based on their experience which can be hazardous.
These points will come handy when you want to get into a fresh relationship:
1. All Guys Are Not The Same.
Perhaps you have heard all sorts about guys, such as, guys are freaks. So when a guy say ‘hi’ to you, you start acting all suspicious like he’s a kind of thief
All guys are NOT the same. Not every guy is like your ex you know…
2. Ladies Are Like Onions
Don’t try to know all about a lady in one day. There is always more than meet the eyes. If you get fooled (as most always are) by physical appearance, you will soon discover how wrong you are, at least… Look out for something deeper.
3. The Probability Of Transiting From A Side Chick To A Main Chick Is Slim
More often than not, some girls don’t know where they stand. For the most that know they are side chicks and are hoping to be “promoted” to main, well, the chances are infinitesimal. So think ahead.
4. Feminism Isn’t A Celebrated Message, Especially In Nigeria.
Embrace that truth in case you are. Perhaps, your breakup was traceable to that. Hmm, most NL feminist rarely do what they preach here. 99% of them are opposite of what a feminist stands for.
5. What Doesn’t Kill You Make You Strong
This is another way of saying, every relationship you’ve been added something positive in you. Fine, you felt you were used and dumped. Yea, see the big picture. You learnt your lesson. Move forward.
I’m not saying you should jump into every relationship but get over past experiences and live. Start living.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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