Message of thanksgiving

•One day, just wake, dress up as if you are going to meet mr president,
then go to a machuary closer to you.
You will see educated men and women lying lifeless on bed.
•Some said to their family when going out or traveling…”goodbye, I will be back soon”. But that goodbye was the last word they said to their family.
•Some died as a result of sickness.
Why some were killed.
You are not better than these people that are dead.
They left their office, family, house, car, relatives and many others.
If they had opportunity, they will beg God not to die yet.
But you are still alive.
You can still walk, talk, and eat.
There is every need for you to thank God today for the gift of life he gave to you.
If you are thankful to God today, type…=> Thank You Lord

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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