16 things you need to do before you turn 30

  1. You must discover yourself. Self discovery.
  2. Learn how to use your gifting to solve problems.
  3. Get some ideas on how to make money.
  4. Know the definition of Love.
  5. Read at least a minimum of 30 books.
  6. You should have a pastor over your life. Spritual authority.
  7. You should be known for something.
  8. Have a mentor over your life.
  9. Develop a stabilty of character
  10. Choose your friends.
  11. Learn how to say NO without feeling guilty.
  12. Conquer procastination.
  13. Be free to use ur mind. Don’t allow people to your thinking for you.
  14. You should have a bank account.
  15. Have an investment.
  16. Develop a stability of character.
    Great day ahead of you friends.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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