common mistakes that job seekers make and how to correct it

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there are lots of mistakes that you make that can prevent you from getting that your dream job so this is what you need to know.
here is the solution to
the common mistakes employees make during
1. Write A Little Description in the body of the
email: Always Add A brief description about
yourself in the body of the email. I don’t mean
writing about where you came from or your
hobbies, write a little about your
qualifications and skills. This gives you a high
chance as it gives the recruiter a reason to
want to open your CV.
2. Well Arranged CV: Before anyone reads the
content of your email, the first thing that
attracts them the quality of the design of your
CV, make sure your CV is well formatted with
good fonts and make sure it looks good, i
don’t mean designing your CV or adding
3. High Quality CV: Write good and simple
English, avoid writing stories, write short and
straight to the point, make your CV very
interesting and attractive that would make the
recruiter want to shortlist you
4. Reply Interview Emails: Whenever you get
an email from a company about an interview
or test, always reply their emails confirming
the appointment for the interview or test. I
noticed most applicants don’t do that. This
makes the interviewer somehow know you.
5. Avoid Too Much talk and Be prepared:
During the test or Interview avoid too chit
chats with other applicants, always be
prepared, bring your biro, pencils, calculators,
paper etc. I noticed some people come for test
without biros or pencils etc
6. Reschedule if need be: If for any reason you
can’t make it to the interview, Don’t be scared
to ask them to reschedule instead of sending
emails after the interview has been conducted
if you cant make it down on the interview
7. Thank You Message: Once you have been
shortlisted, don’t hesitate to send a thank you
message, But please make it very formal.
Guess what? It has a way of making the
Interviewer remember your name, you will be
surprised how this will go a long way in
making the person want you. I still remember
the names of the 2 people that sent us a
thank you message.
8. Never Miss a call: During the interview, one
aspect of the interview was to do a phone call
interview before inviting users for the face to
face interview, During the process, Some
applicants phones were switched off while
some missed our calls, and the funny thing is
70% of them never called back, and because
we had so many people, we didn’t call them
back, when you are applying for a job, your
phone must be available 24/7
9. Watch your caller tone: while calling I
noticed so many funny and annoying caller
tunes, Its so funny how those caller tunes
already gave me a very bad impression of the
10. Dress Well: Please please please, even if
you need to borrow, never wear a rough , dirty
or tar-tared cloth to an interview. believe me
even if you are good no one is going to
employ you
11.Bad Body language: Sit straight, focus,
make a good eye contact, but don’t make it
look daring, I cant believe most people cant
sit well on a chair, their body languages was
just totally off.
12. Color of cloth: Please when you are going
for an interview there are some colours you
should just avoid, how can you wear a black ,
red or pink shirt to an interview. Its not as if
these colours are bad but people put
meanings to colours, its safer to wear
something everyone is comfortable with like
Blue, white, or any strip shirts beware of lousy
colours. During the interview, a guy wasn’t
picked because he wore a pink shirt. One of
the interviewer who is very sensitive to pink
says the dude might be gay, so funny
13. Some people talk badly: Most people don’t
even know they talk badly, you need to watch
the way you talk, Do a video of yourself talking
and you will understand what i mean, some
people are fond of using some particular
words or ehmm ehmmmmm , yea huh, etc Ask
people around you and also be conscious of
how you speak.
14. Listen and don’t Interrupt: Never in any
way interrupt while the interviewer is speaking,
if you must object while the person is talking,
either you raise your hand or wait for the
person to finish talking but interfering while
the person is talking makes you look rude.
15. Don’t Lie: One thing i have noticed during
interviews is people always lie, never lie except
you can actually back up your lies very well.
EG dont tell me you have computer experience
when you cannot even type on a computer,
16. Avoid too Much Sir: One annoying thing i
noticed during the interview is the desperate
ways Nigerian graduates use “Sir”. Good
morning Sir, Thank Sir, What did you say sir, I
didn’t hear you sir, can you rephrase sir, i
didn’t bring it sir, I attended Babcock sir. If
possible prevent using sir, or if you must use
it, you shouldn’t use it , it should be limited,
Over using it makes you look desperate and
17. Research well About the Company Before
Negotiation: How can you be applying to a
company and you know nothing about them,
make sure you research well about the
company and their salary range, When asked
how much you want to be paid, make sure you
have researched a little about the company or
just go for an amount you feel comfortable
with. Don’t under charge because you are
desperate and also don’t overcharge because
you are expecting a miracle, How can a
graduate without skills/experience be
demanding for Two Hundred and Fifty
Thousand Naira (N250,000) in an investment
18. Smell Good: I understand we all get
sweaty and sometimes smelly, but getting
smelly in an interview room is a NO NO,
please use a roll on or perfume, You don’t
want to be smelling, if you have a mouth
odour, chew gum to give you a good breath
before entering the interview room.
19. Make sure your certificates are Clean:
Make sure your certificates are properly kept,
why would you employ someone with a torn
certificate ?
20. Dont be late: For any reason never be late
to an interview. No one would like to employ a
late comer.

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