see how you can manage your money to avoid running into debt

you will agree with me that making money is not easy but for most people being able to make good or judicious use of the little or much that they earn is a tougher herculean task! but don’t worry I’m here to advice you;

  1. Make a budget and stick to it.
    Immediately you get notification of payment of your salary, take a few
    minutes to reflect deeply and write an explicit budget. Write down all
    expenses, essential and trivial, that you propose to make for that
    month. Don’t leave excess cash as miscellaneous, even if it is for
    recreation or outings, always try to tie something to your cash.
  2. Reverse your thinking; Pay yourself first
    Get this. After you get paid for performing various duties and
    responsibilities at work, you pay everybody else but yourself. Isn’t
    that just wrong? Your mechanic, food vendor and many other
    individuals get a slice of the cake while you get only the icing. Take
    out a certain percentage monthly (say 15%) and stash it in an
    account that you don’t access regularly. This will can become the
    spine for future investments or just extra cash for exigencies.
  3. Reduce your expenses
    There are some unnecessary activities that you spend excessively on
    monthly. It is quite important to cut these short while also making
    the best of expedient purchases. This will include you trying to make
    the best bargains from your groceries, internet payment and other
    expenses. Do your research, ask friends where they shop and compare
    prices. You will be surprised at the great bargains you are currently
    missing out on.
  4. Have a project or reason tied to your saving
    When you save, have a particular project that you are saving towards.
    It might be investing in stocks, buying a car, getting a better
    apartment, starting a professional course or seed money for a small
    business. It’s your money so it’s your choice.
    If you do not have a goal to your saving, there is huge tendency you
    will spend the lot on petty activities that you might later regret.

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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