ten types of Christians that puts a smile on jesus’s face

Are you a true Christian that is only interested in doing things that pleases jesus In this world of sin and evil? Well even though it’s a little bit hard but it is still possible to do things that pleases God. Below is a list of ten types of Christians that pleases God by putting a smile on his face.
10 Kinds Of Christians That Puts A Smile On God’s Face.
1. The Believing Ones
Believing is Faith in action. Mike Murdock noted, “nothing excites God
more than when we believe Him and nothing hurts him more than
when we doubt Him”. Hebrews 11:6, Without faith, we can’t please
God. Believing God is the Number One to putting a smile on Jesus.
2. The Merciful/ Forgiving Ones
You remember that unmerciful servant in the Bible? His master had
mercy on him and forgave his debt but he couldn’t reciprocate that to
his neighbour. God had mercy on us and went out of His way by
sending His Son- Jesus. He smiles when we get out of our cocoons to
helping others.
3. The Grateful Ones
Being grateful is being thankful. When we are truly grateful, we give
thanks to God. When only that blind man discovered he was healed
and returned to give thanks to Jesus, he was made whole!
4. The Loving Ones
God is love. Whenever we show love to people, we resemble God in
character. The truth is, I don’t measure a Christian by how much he/
she prays but how they love- their families, neighbours, friends etc.
5. The Cheerful Ones
Yipee! If you’re truly saved, you’ll be cheerful. These folks never go
about with a “long face”, they trust God to meet their needs and solve
their problems. This is why they are always cheerful.
6. The Humble Ones
That is why God raises them (James 4:6-7). He loves them. They are
not proud nor arrogant. They don’t go about blowing their trumpet
either. Remember Moses.
7. The Obedient Ones
They do not argue God’s Word. Like Abraham, they are prompt to
actually obeying God. Commands like Tithing don’t bother them. They
are well aware of the hazard of delayed obedience.
8. The “Soul Winning” Ones
Going about preaching the gospel is supposed to be the duty of every
believer. Some now believe “displaying their body parts” can be used
to “entice” and at the long run win the lost. Odikwa Risky! It’s well o!
Errm…that’s not Soul winning sha o…That’s “husband winning”. Soul
winning is God’s business- when we do His business, He is happy.
9. The “Sincere” Ones
By “Sincere” I mean Open and Honest. Being sincere was why the
Bible said, He that covers is sin shall not prosper. God is not Over
Expecting from us. He knows us. Stop forming “Jackie Chan” for God.
Tell Him your weaknesses because He already knows them however.
This reason is why some do not confess their wrong doings. They feel
asking for mercy is a sign of Babyhood. While that is kinda true, you
need to know you’re still a baby at least before God. When you lose
your temper or lust after a girl or a guy, ask for mercy. Don’t sweep it
under the carpet. One can go to hell for such nonchalance and
negligence. God loves those who see Him as Father/ Friend enough to
be sincere to Him. He loves that.
10. The Generous Ones
This being no. 10 doesn’t reduce its relevance. As a matter of truth,
God loves the Cheerful giver. Every giver has a place in God’s heart
(Christian or not). Giving to the “needy” world makes you a man God
needs. Remember Acts 10. Ananias was an unbeliever but was a
giver. He gave alms frequently. God loved him so dearly and had to
go draw him in to His body. That’s why I know, Bill Gates and other
billionaire philanthropists will soon get saved in no time. Well, you
can start with your tithe and offerings.
From there, you will grow to bigger things like Seed sowing, giving to
the poor, parents, prisons etc. Givers never lack because God (the
owner of the blessings) makes sure they don’t. Your “spirituality” isn’t
a substitute here! If you like, tie your ear, wear long skirt, speak in
German tongues, fast for 100 days…if you’re not a giver (of cash and
other substances), you won’t attract this kind of blessing from God.
So so so…we’re not perfect, we are all getting there. May we arrive
and keep improving In jesus name amen!.. 0

God’spower excellence nwachukwu

jesus christ
jesus christ

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