the calibre of guys that you should avoid as a lady if you are serious minded

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The first type of guy every serious lady
should beware of is the guy that has got
no respect for his parents, especially his
mother. If he treats his mother like a
piece of wood, definitely he doesn’t value
womanhood and no matter how you try
to please such a guy, to him, women are
still nothing but necessary evil so it will
still bounce on you. When you spot such
a guy, distance yourself from him. There
is no way a guy that shouts at his
mother or constantly talks her down will
respect you as his wife. With such a guy,
women are not to be heard or seen;
rather they must always occupy their
underground territory. If he doesn’t value
his parents, it means he doesn’t value
the family system and he won’t be a
good husband to you and a good father
to your children let alone a role model.
They don’t get to fulfill their family
obligations like feeding allowance and
the kids’ education is not much of a
priority to them. They are no good
listeners and as far as they are
concerned, the family is a secondary and
a by-the way institution. They don’t feel
they are accountable to their wives and
children neither do they think they have
any need to leave a legacy for their
children. Though quite a number of them
do place their children above their wives
as a matter of importance.
The second type of guy in this category
is the sexually promiscuous. You know
him when you see him because he keeps
pestering you for sex, he threatens to go
out and have sex with other ladies
should you refuse him and he is actually
doing it. He avoids you and keeps
malice with you for days should you
decline his sexual advances, some even
batter you because of that. He has
records of sexual escapades with ladies
all around the corners and you know it.
His hands are never clean because there
must be something controversial with
him per time in terms of cheating.
Hey, I’m not talking about a situation
where the guy is just tempted to ask for
sex from you neither am I talking about
a situation where he is just having a
natural urge to have sex which every guy
has right to anyway but I am analysing
a situation whereby the guy’s appetite
for sex is more or less out of control.
When he wants sex, he wants it by all
means! It’s a habit that needs to be
broken from him. From such beware
because they don’t give it up in a jiffy.
Please get this clear; marriage doesn’t
take away infidelity from any man that is
used to it. It’s going to be a great issue
for any man in marriage who didn’t deal
with the fundamental issue of self control
before marriage. Even in marriage, there
is no absolute freedom of sex so if he
can’t deal with it now before marriage,
definitely, he won’t be able to handle it
in marriage. There will be times you may
not be able to surrender your body; like
when you take in and the doctor says no
sex till the end of your 2nd trimester
because of the safety of the baby, when
you put to bed and you are not ready for
sex until 8 weeks after delivery and
either of you could have to be out of
town for some weeks. What happens in
between? He grabs the house help or
your sister staying with you?
Third in this category is a guy that is just
nice to you and those in your cycle
alone! Why should a guy be interested in
you alone? Why would he want to be
nice to you alone? Why would he take
delight in helping only you but when
others come for help, he gives excuses?
It’s tough for him to give colleagues a
ride after work, after religious gathering
or stay back for few minutes to give a
helping hand to a neighbor with a
deflated tyre. He can’t tolerate any form
of inconvenience to help out in any way
but should you be the one in need of
anything, he would run from pillar to
post to get you sorted out. I don’t
expect you to be deceived by this
attitude. Looking critically into the life of
such a guy, he is likely to be greedy,
self-centered and shady in character.
The fourth type of guy you need to
probably shun is the one with no focus
and vision in life . When God created man
and wanted to give him a companion, he
saw a need for that helper in man first.
Now, the question is that what would
you be doing when the guy you are
expected to help doesn’t know he needs
a helping hand? Apparently, you have
become a square peg in a round hole. If
you are on a standby, available to give a
helping hand and the guy says he has
got nothing at hand to require
anybody’s help, or he is simply oblivious
of where he is going in life, then you
have got no choice other than to be
distracted by another thing not carved
out for you. Every man has a unique
need otherwise known as vision or
assignment that requires a woman
peculiar to him and his need. And inside
of this assignment otherwise known as
the vision lies your own fulfillment. Don’t
joke with it. If the guy doesn’t provide
you with the substance (the vision) for
your own input, then it’s totally a mere
waste of time.
When a guy is abusive or has tendency
to be, it’s a very strong sign that you
should reconsider your relationship with
him. I know much has been said about
this but I just want to let you know that
staying with a guy that physically
abuses you is quite risky. It doesn’t
matter how many times he has angrily
threatened to hit you and he became
sorry neither is it of any importance how
many times he got you flowers and knelt
down to apologise after hitting you.
Babe, your life is worth more than
sticking your head in that type of
relationship. Please get out of that mess
immediately and completely.
The last on the list is the guy that is not
mature. When a guy is not matured, he
sees things differently and his approach
to life is somewhat odd. When a guy
comes into your life, the most important
and crucial job he has to do is to build
up your self esteem and prove himself to
you that he is capable of making you a
better person by giving you a sense of
security. However, an immature mind
lacks the wherewithal of achieving these.
He sees women as not really important
but necessary evil. Such a man lacks
self-confidence and control, never
courageous to own up when he messes
up, can’t say sorry but rather avoid you
or keep malice with you. When there is a
misunderstanding, he seldom has control
over his emotion. If he doesn’t beat you
up, he would have used very strong
words to wound your soul. He is
unnecessarily possessive of you due to
his low self-esteem. He questions every
of your telephone conversations and is
never comfortable with every male figure
he sees around you.
I don’t care, he must have left the
university with first class, he could be 37
years old and even one of the top-notch
managers in his office, but let him voice
out his thoughts on some sensitive and
salient issues in life, you will mistake
him for a 15 year old boy! From such,
Written By :
Toyin Idowu

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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