daily early morning Exercise

Kick-starting your day with exercise is one of
the best things you can do to have a very
successful day. Although exercising any time
in the day is beneficial, research has shown
that exercising first thing in the morning is the
best way to get going. So, on this note, I have
put together a workout programme that can
help you start your day the right way. You
don’t have to go to the gym to do any of the
exercises contained in this programme. All you
need is 10-20 minutes of your time before you
take your bath and hit the road.
Please, consult your doctor before
commencing any exercise programme; and
make sure you are properly kitted in
appropriate sportswear and make sure your
environment is safe.
Also note that this programme is not suitable
for people with lower and upper body injuries
or disabilities. Please feel free to contact us if
you have any special need or disability; we
can help you keep fit, no matter your health
So, here we go…
Warm up for one minute with jogging in
place and stretches to get your body ready
Do 20 high knees
Do 20 front kick and punch
Do 25 jump jacks
Do 15 squats jumps
Do 15 push-ups (either the full or the
modified version)
Do 30-second plank
Do 20-scissors leg raise
Do 20 mountain climbers
Repeat this programme thrice if you have the
time to do so. Otherwise, you can repeat it
before going to bed at night. If any of these
exercises is new to you, please let us know.
Contact us for proper clarifications and
illustrations on how to do any of them.


Author: TheGoldendiamond

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