Nigerian companies with the best employment opportunities for job seekers

  1. Guiness Nigeria PLC
    Guinness Nigeria is a member of Diageo which
    is a very well-known market leader in the
    production and distribution ofpremium drinks.
    Guinness offers a very exciting and stimulating
    work environment for its employees with
    opportunities for self-fulfillment and personal
    improvement.Working withGuinness Nigeria
    Plc. exposes you to global opportunities and
    an attractive remunerationand welfare
  2. First Bank Nigeria PLC
    For a company that has been operating
    successfully in Nigeria for over 100 years, First
    Bank Nigeria Plc. deserves to be on this list.
    What makes FBN an even more attractive
    company to workfor is the way they are able
    to compete with and even overtake some new
    generation banks; a feat that majority of the
    old generation banks couldn’t achieve.
    According to my findings, First Bank is one of
    the highest paying banks in Nigeria at the
  3. Total Nigeria PLC
    Total Nigeria PLC is into oil and gas – one of
    the most lucrative industries in Nigeria and
    it’s only expected that they would make it to
    this list.
    But that’s not the only reason why Total
    makes it to this list; they also offer attractive
    remuneration packages and a very conducive
    working environment for their numerous
  4. Glaxosmith Beecham Nig. PLC
    Glaxosmith Beecham PLC is into
    manufacturing and distribution of drugs and
    related items. GSK as they are popularlycalled
    has over 97,000 employees across 100
    countries and employs international standards
    in employee welfare and remuneration.
  5. Nigerian Breweries
    Our very own Nigeria Breweries makes it on
    the list too. Nigerian Breweries pays its
    workers well and treats them right too.
  6. Shell DevelopmentCompany (SPDC)
    Shell employs a very competitive recruitment
    procedure and that’s quite understandable
    considering the attractive remuneration and
    staff welfare package they offer.
  7. Nestle Nigeria
    Another great company to work for in Nigeria
    is Nestle Nigeria PLC. Nestle is one of the top
    wellness and Nutrition companies in the
    world. They offer their employees cars,
    attractive remuneration and bonuses amongst
    other things
  8. Chevron
    Chevron is not only on the list of the best
    places to work in Nigeria, it’s also one of the
    best companies to work for in the world.
    Suffice to say that Chevron offers an all-in-
    one package and is the dream employer of the
    average Nigerian in the labor market.
  9. Federal Government Civil Service
    The federal government civil service makes it
    on this list for one reason- job stability.
    You would agree with me that one of the most
    important things an employee wants from his
    job is job stability. I know of so many people
    who worked with the federal government civil
    service for 30-35 years, retired and are still
    getting paid pension till today.
    Although the pay is not in anyway enviable,
    you are not going to wake up to a sack letter
    due to some downsizing operations someday.
  10. Schlumberger
    If you want to work for a company where you
    would have fast career growthopportunities,
    attractive compensation and numerous
    benefits; then think Schlumberger..

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