what a young teenage girl learnt from losing her virginity

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In our society today virginity is underated, some look down on teenage girls that are still virgins especially when they start getting older but still prefer to remain virgins, some girls hate to see other girls that are virgins especially if they have lost their own but if you are still a virgin be proud of it because no matter what this jet age thinks virginity is still very important!

Below is a post of what a young innocent girl learnt from losing her virginity.

  1. Many teenage girls sleep with guys because
    they are trying to find love, to find self-worth.
    But the catch is that the more guys they sleep
    with, the less self-worth they had.
  2. Many girls think that if they really care
    about guys, s’εx will bring them closer
    together. Indeed, sεx creates a bond. However,
    80 percent of the time, the physical int!macy
    of first sεxμal relationship won’t last more
    than six months.
  3. Couples who want what is best for their
    relationship or future marriage will have the
    patience to wait.
  4. Most of the time, when a girl gives away
    her virg!nity, she assumes the relationship will
    last forever. But study of more than 10,000
    women shows that when a girl loses her virg!
    nity at that age at 14, she’ll probably have
    about thirteen more lifetime sεxμal partners.
  5. Teen s’εx frequently causes tension within
    families because of the dishonesty that
    usually accompanies the hidden int!macies.
    Relationships with friends are often strained,
    and when things turn sour, the gossip and
    social problems often become unbearable.
  6. Everyone talks about how hard it is to say
    no to s’εx, but no one tells you how hard it is
    when you say yes.
  7. It is dangerous for a teenage girl to be
    sεxμally active. Because a teenage girl’s
    reproductive system is still immature, she is
    very susceptible to sεxμally transmitted
  8. In fact, early sεxμal activity is the number
    one risk factor for cervical cancer, and the
    second is multiple sεxμal partners. A girl’s
    body, like her heart, is not designed to handle
    multiple sεxμal partners.
    9.While a girl might plan on slεεping with
    only one guy, she could be exposing herself to
    the STDs of hundreds of people through a
    single act of intεrcoμrsε. Here’s how:
    Scientists studied the sεxμal activity of a
    public high school of about one thousand
    students. About half (573) of the students had
    been sεxμally active, and most of them had
    only been with one partner. However, when the
    tracked the web of sεxμal activity among the
    students, it was discovered that more than
    half of the sεxμally active teens—without
    knowing it were linked together in a network
    of 288 partners within the school! So if a girl
    slept with a guy from this school, theoretically
    she could be in bεd with one-fourth of the
    entire student body.
    10.The emotional side effects of premarital
    s’εx are also damaging to a young woman.
    One of the most common consequences of
    teenage sεxμal activity is depression. Girls
    who are sεxμally active are more than three
    times as likely to be depressed as girls who
    are abstinent. In fact, the condition has
    become so predictable that the Journal of
    Preventive Medicine recommends to doctors:
    “[Girls who are engaging in] sεxμal intεrcoμrsε
    should be screened for depression, and
    provided with anticipatory guidance about the
    mental health risks of these behaviours. ”Even
    if a girl experiments with s’εx once, research
    shows an increased risk of depression. Also,
    consider the fact that the rate of suicide
    attempts for sεxμally active girls (aged twelve
    to sixteen) is six times higher than the rate for
  9. Unfortunately, many young women search
    for meaning only in relationships with guys,
    instead of with God. It is not uncommon for a
    girl to have s’εx in order to make a guy like
    her more or to encourage him to stay with her.
    She may compromise her standards because
    she is afraid of never being loved. Once he
    leaves her, though, an emotional divorce takes
    place. A person’s heart is not made to be that
    close to a person and then separated.
  10. Since teenage sεxμal relationships rarely
    last, the girl’s sense of self-worth is often
    damaged. She may conclude that if she looked
    better, he would have stayed longer. This
    mentality can lead to harmful practices, such
    as eating disorders. Or the disappointment she
    feels may drive her into a state of self-hatred.
    Some young women even begin to hurt their
    own bodies in an attempt to numb the
    emotional pain. Such practices never solve the
    problems, though. If she wants to be loved,
    she needs to begin by loving herself.
  11. In her heart, a girl who has been used
    knows it. However, she may immediately jump
    into another sεxμal relationship to escape the
    hurt. If she tries to boost her self-esteem by
    giving guys what they want, then her self-
    worth often ends up depending upon those
    kinds of relationships. Her development as a
    woman is stunted because without chastity
    she does not know how to express affection,
    appreciation, or attraction for a guy without
    implying something sεxμal. She may even
    conclude that a guy does not love her unless
    he makes sεxμal advances toward her. She
    knows that s’εx exists without int!macy, but
    she may forget that int!macy can exist without
    s’εx. A girl on this track usually feels
    accepted initially, but that acceptance lasts
    only as long as the physical plεasμrε.
  12. Such a lifestyle will also take its toll on
    her ability to bond. Here’s why: Sharing the
    gift of s’εx is like putting a piece of tape on
    another person’s arm. The first bond is strong,
    and it hurts to remove it. Shift the tape to
    another person’s arm, and the bond will still
    work, but it will be easier to remove. Each
    time this is done, part of each person remains
    with the tape. Soon it is easy to remove
    because the residue from the various arms
    interferes with the tape’s ability to stick.
  13. The same is true in relationships, because
    neurologists have discovered that previous
    sεxμal experiences can interfere with one’s
    ability to bond with future partners. This does
    not mean that if a person is not a virg!n on
    the wedding night, he or she will be unable to
    bond with a spouse. It simply means that
    when we follow God’s plan, we have the most
    abundant life possible. But when we turn from
    his designs and break his commandments,
    often we are the ones who feel broken
    16 Spiritual. Sin cuts us off from God, and this
    is the most serious consequence of premarital
    s’εx. After going too far, many of us know all
    too well the cloud of guilt that weighs on our
    hearts. The solution is not to kill our
    conscience but to follow it to freedom. It is
    calling us, not condemning us. Provided we
    repent, God will be there to welcome us home
    and let us start over.
    What this all means is that our bodies, our
    hearts, our relationships, and our souls are
    not made for premarital s’εx. We should wait
    to have s’εx.