10 things you miss when you say no to premarital sex

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Refusing to indulge in premarital sexual activities has been interpreted to have negative connotations but when you say no to sex although you are missing some things but its for the best!
A lot of people might have told you that you
miss a lot for not
having “sex”, the answer is capital “yes” You
miss a lot and would
continue missing them:

  1. You miss contracting HIV/AIDS
  2. You miss unwanted pregnancy.
  3. You miss being unwanted husband/wife
  4. You miss having sexually transmitted
  5. You miss having unwanted child.
  6. You miss being a school dropout.
  7. You miss having a broken home.
  8. You miss making God and your parents
  9. You miss barrenness due to abortions.
  10. You miss having a destroyed career
    and lastly, you miss going to hell.
    Have you seen that you really miss a lot by
    not having sex?
    My fellow youths, your life worth
    more than five minutes enjoyment that can
    destroy your
    life forever.
    Preserve your body not just for your future
    husband or wife
    but for mighty God. So we shall continue to
    every negativity in our lives

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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