advice for ladies concerning marriage

This is a very important advice for ladies in the house,

For the fact that you are 25 or 26yrs old,
doesn’t mean that your
time is passing by, marriage ain’t to be rushed
into, but with
patience and drawing closer to GOD in prayers,
with faith §
believe that he will lead you towards your
direction for a worthy
man and NOT you acting desperate.. YES !!!
Alot of you ladies out
there are always victims of ” i wll marry you
very soon “..
believe me when i say that when a man find
your weakness that
you are desperate to be married, he will feed
on it, use you,
dumped you and leave you high § dry in your
As a woman, you don’t need to put yourself as
a sacrificial lamb
for any man, maintain your self esteem and
dignity.. for you to be
alive at 25 or 26, even 24, is a testimony, for
many have gone
down the grave at 20 or 21.. So be thankful
and be appreciative to
GOD first before anything else..
When you sale yourself cheap to a man, when
you choose to
satisfy a man’s sexual desires, all in the name
of ” i will marry you
” or ” my time is passing by “.. My dear, be
ready to be dumped,
for NOT every man will wanna marry a woman
he has used and
rough’handled.,that’s why most men always
end up marrying a
stranger from the village than the very girl he
dated and used all
those years in the city.,
LADIES, it’s time to depend on GOD only, for
marriage wll not
solve all your financial problems § difficulties
if you do not gear
up, get yourself a JOB or start up something
that will keep you
independent from any man. Age is nothing but
durations of
experience with life and even if you marry at
the age of 29 or 30,
you will implement your experience with life
into your marriage
and keep it stable at that..
My prayer is that GOD should grant my ladies
who are ready to
settle down a worthy husband IJN.. Amen

Author: TheGoldendiamond

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